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Three years of Sean Dyche

Three years of Sean Dyche

I wasn't so sure I was ever going to write an article again on a manager having been at Burnley for three years. When I
Twenty's Plenty

Twenty's Plenty

Today sees the start of a weekend of protest by football supporters against high ticket prices, supporters who are backi
Cricket field stand - the club are listening

Cricket field stand - the club are listening

It was a strange sight last Tuesday looking across from my seat in the Longside Upper, seeing a virtually empty cricket
Clarets on strike

Clarets on strike

No, there is no suggestion of any of our players downing tools. Saido Berahino might well have said he no longer wants P
Our continuing search for a midfielder

Our continuing search for a midfielder

It does feel as if our search for a central midfielder has gone on forever with yesterday's apparent final dismissal of
Farewell Kieran Trippier it's been a fantastic four years

Farewell Kieran Trippier it's been a fantastic four years

Kieran Trippier, this afternoon, formally left Burnley for Tottenham Hotspur in an undisclosed deal, signing a five year
Clubs are happy to play us in pre-season

Clubs are happy to play us in pre-season

Burnley confirmed three pre-season games yesterday, away games at Accrington Stanley and Fleetwood Town followed by a ho
Eric Cock - The Cycling Claret

Eric Cock - The Cycling Claret

Earlier this week, on a visit to Burnley Central Library, I came across an article in the Burnley Express dated 17th Jan

That was the year that was
- Burnley Fri 5th June
Cotterill, Howe, Mellon and maybe Cook
- Burnley Tue 28th April
Brian Miller remembered
- Burnley Tue 7th April
Danny's on a tour of Europe
- Burnley Sun 29th March
Bitter sweet year for Sam
- Burnley Thu 19th March
- Burnley Fri 27th February
Top Twenty Dyche
- Burnley Thu 19th February
Dreadful Deadline Day
- Burnley Tue 3rd February
No Armstrong but we've got Danny Ings
- Burnley Fri 30th January
Bubble has burst for Tyne-Wear derbies
- Burnley Thu 20th November
Dyche Anniversary Day II
- Burnley Thu 30th October
Premier League abroad rears its ugly head again
- Burnley Thu 9th October
Michael Duff makes the top twenty
- Burnley Thu 4th September
It's very much Dyche's squad now
- Burnley Fri 1st August
Burnley to make a case for the defence
- Burnley Thu 17th July
Sordell and Kightly set to be the first two
- Burnley Thu 26th June
This is our reward
- Burnley Wed 18th June
English managers on the increase
- Burnley Tue 17th June
Transfer speculation mounts
- Burnley Tue 10th June
This Van Gaal appointment was my reminder
- Burnley Fri 23rd May
Our Town, Our Turf, Their Prices
- Burnley Tue 13th May
My unshakable belief
- Burnley Thu 24th April
For Willie and Andy read Dan and Sam
- Burnley Wed 26th March
Roll up for the Rams
- Burnley Thu 27th February
We're Burnley and we play in claret and blue
- Burnley Fri 7th February
A farewell to Arthur Bellamy
- Burnley Wed 22nd January
Jay Rod (England)
- Burnley Thu 7th November
Dyche Anniversary Day
- Burnley Fri 1st November
Three hundred not out for the calculated risk
- Burnley Thu 3rd October
Cup or Corrie?
- Burnley Fri 27th September
I want this win so badly
- Burnley Fri 13th September
To loan or not to loan
- Burnley Wed 11th September
It's all about the pennies
- Burnley Tue 20th August
Wembley heroes all but gone
- Burnley Fri 28th June
The haves and have nots
- Burnley Thu 27th June
Getting ready for the cup
- Burnley Sun 16th June
One happy and one committed
- Burnley Tue 11th June
Prehistoric Blades continue manager search
- Burnley Mon 3rd June
We're making the Germans feel at home
- Burnley Fri 24th May
The increasing cost of watching the Clarets
- Burnley Wed 15th May
A week dominated by one story
- Burnley Sun 12th May
I want to be loved
- Burnley Thu 2nd May
Once bitten
- Burnley Fri 26th April
Salutes, silences and an empty Wembley
- Burnley Thu 11th April
From Olympic Stadiums to ex-Clarets at Wembley
- Burnley Mon 25th March
The Half Term Report
- Burnley Mon 24th December
Stand up for the Clarets - or sit down
- Burnley Tue 11th December
Charlie still has a Pointer record to chase
- Burnley Fri 26th October
A time of uncertainty and excitement
- Burnley Mon 15th October
Charlie makes it a ton for Eddie
- Burnley Mon 24th September
Those memories of Hillsborough all came back
- Burnley Thu 13th September
From back to front
- Burnley Thu 2nd August
The case for the defence
- Burnley Thu 19th July
The COCUP - it's a cock up
- Burnley Tue 26th June
We've nothing in reserve
- Burnley Fri 22nd June
Jay Rod - he's still one of our own
- Burnley Tue 12th June
Kilby Out!
- Burnley Fri 25th May
Cameron is youngest in a quarter of a century
- Burnley Wed 4th April
Burnley's days in the FA Youth Cup semi-final
- Burnley Tue 20th March
Window getting ready to close
- Burnley Sat 28th January
Howe's first year ends on a high
- Burnley Mon 16th January
A Year of Change
- Burnley Sun 1st January
How **** must you be - we're winning away
- Burnley Thu 22nd December
The days of the Lord
- Burnley Thu 8th December
Edgar's goal was a 300 milestone
- Burnley Tue 29th November
Adamson was one of my team
- Burnley Fri 11th November
Tweaks, inexperience, loans and Shotton
- Burnley Sat 3rd September
Fans hit out at Fox sale
- Burnley Thu 11th August
We can achieve it together
- Burnley Sat 6th August
It wasn't the week we expected
- Burnley Sun 24th July
Over half way and no signings yet
- Burnley Sat 25th June
Silly season underway again
- Burnley Tue 7th June
A special day for Jay and Burnley
- Burnley Tue 8th February
We've had two shocking years on the road
- Burnley Mon 27th December
Managerial merry-go-round to continue
- Burnley Thu 23rd December
Time for Change
- Burnley Sun 12th December
Referees - The Pulis Idea
- Burnley Thu 18th November
Turn on the lights
- Burnley Thu 21st October
I just can't forgive
- Burnley Tue 21st September
250 for the Beast
- Burnley Sun 12th September
League Cup goals - 250 of them
- Burnley Fri 27th August
Come on you Clarets
- Burnley Sat 7th August