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Mourinho takes the football out of the football story

Mourinho takes the football out of the football story

Key to ethical journalistic practice is impartiality - the understanding that there are two sides to every story. Objec
Nutmegging John Deary

Nutmegging John Deary

It's not often that the average football fan gets close to their heroes. It's a strange relationship. You see these guy
The Gaffer's Lads & Mr Brown's Boys

The Gaffer's Lads & Mr Brown's Boys

Burnley's unexpected promotion to the Premier League in April 2014 resounds with echoes of the club's glorious past.
Fans need to be realistic

Fans need to be realistic

To all Clarets fans, I hope you can find time to read this appraisal and rant as some things get my goat.
Jimmy Adamson Biography - A Review

Jimmy Adamson Biography - A Review

In a world dominated by sprawling, faceless organisations, how often are we inclined to yearn for the days of yore when
100 not out

100 not out

I've never been one to swing haphazardly for the boundary ropes.
'Magical' A life in Football

'Magical' A life in Football

They say you should never meet heroes, in case their feet turn out to be made of clay. So I took a risk in becoming a fr
Burnley and Bournemouth, a love affair

Burnley and Bournemouth, a love affair

My first date with my now wife, Helen, was a day at York races followed by York City v Tamworth .

Life in Exile
- Burnley Thu 31st May
Me, my dad and promotion - Part 4
- Burnley Mon 26th March
Me, my dad and promotion - Part 3
- Burnley Tue 20th March
Me, my dad and promotion - Part 2
- Burnley Tue 13th March
Me, my dad and promotion - Part 1
- Burnley Mon 5th March
The Long and Winding Road
- Burnley Fri 12th August
Driving for Hope - with 92 stops
- Burnley Fri 24th June
A refreshing change
- Burnley Mon 17th January
On a hiding to nothing
- Burnley Fri 14th January
Ducking and Diving
- Burnley Fri 14th January
A massive decision for the future of the club
- Burnley Wed 29th December
Ralph Coates - with Clarets Mad
- Burnley Fri 17th December
The heat is on
- Burnley Fri 12th November
Pride, Passion, Belief
- Burnley Wed 4th August
Reflections on Deflections
- Burnley Sat 24th July
The club that dared to dream
- Burnley Sat 12th June
The Premier League's Unwritten Rules
- Burnley Fri 14th May
The final curtain
- Burnley Fri 14th May
A kitchen sink drama
- Burnley Fri 30th April
Reflections on a season
- Burnley Wed 7th April
Have We Suffered From Premier League Naivety?
- Burnley Fri 2nd April
That sinking feeling
- Burnley Fri 2nd April
The Rovers' Return
- Burnley Fri 26th March
It's a cheats game at the moment
- Burnley Thu 4th March
The mouse that roared
- Burnley Fri 29th January
The Theatre of Dreams
- Burnley Thu 21st January
From darkness must come light
- Burnley Thu 7th January
Same dream, different regime
- Burnley Wed 6th January
It was fifty years ago ...
- Burnley Fri 30th October
It was fifty years ago ...
- Burnley Sun 18th October
Old Scores To Settle
- Burnley Sat 22nd August
I'm a Burnley fan
- Burnley Sat 22nd August
This is what dreams are made of
- Burnley Sat 22nd August
Robbie and the Beast
- Burnley Fri 21st August
Goal Music
- Burnley Thu 13th August
Clarets seal Final date with destiny
- Burnley Fri 22nd May
Oh What Fun It Is To See Burnley Win Away
- Burnley Thu 23rd April
Ade Akinbiyi - An appreciation
- Burnley Thu 2nd April
Ray Deakin - an obituary
- Burnley Mon 5th January
The Chairman: Ten years with Barry Kilby
- Burnley Wed 31st December
The highs and lows of Brian Jensen
- Burnley Thu 11th December
Fans team appear on Soccer AM
- Burnley Tue 28th October
Rambling Syd Rumpo - tells it like it is again
- Burnley Thu 28th August
Christmas is early this year
- Burnley Tue 19th August
All signs point to Burnley's arrival
- Burnley Fri 18th July
Clarets Mad to sponsor Hendy
- Burnley Sat 5th July
Just like watching Burnley
- Burnley Fri 23rd May
Eight Years Can Change So Much in Football
- Burnley Wed 23rd April
First win for fans team
- Burnley Sun 6th April
A labour of love for Mark and Lester
- Burnley Tue 1st April
Preston defeat for fans team
- Burnley Sat 22nd March
New York, New York
- Burnley Sun 3rd February
Razo's Northern Ireland Diary
- Burnley Thu 30th August
Leeds United - Gonna be some game
- Burnley Thu 12th April
Brian Miller remembered
- Burnley Mon 9th April
Times Change
- Burnley Fri 23rd March
Ian Wooldridge a Tribute
- Burnley Mon 5th March
Lights, Camera….. Clarets!!
- Burnley Thu 8th February
Top six rip
- Burnley Wed 24th January
A week is a long time in football
- Burnley Mon 23rd October
Is there any cure?
- Burnley Thu 24th August
Dave Thomas speaks to Dave Edmundson
- Burnley Thu 23rd February
A Turf Moor day behind the lens
- Burnley Thu 21st April
No Place Like Home?
- Burnley Tue 30th November
Malta Clarets on the increase
- Burnley Tue 16th November
- Burnley Fri 15th October
Steve Cotterill speaks to Clarets Mad
- Burnley Tue 29th June
- Burnley Wed 23rd June
I want Stan to continue as manager – Kilby
- Burnley Wed 21st April
Wimbledon FC - The History
- Burnley Mon 22nd March
September Down Harry Potts Way
- Burnley Thu 2nd October
Another Burnley Book – Well nearly
- Burnley Fri 26th September
Clarets Mad catch up again with Simon from Wimbledon
- Burnley Fri 26th September
It's Burnley, not Barcelona – The Review
- Burnley Thu 4th September
Time for change
- Burnley Wed 3rd September
Kilby goes Mad
- Burnley Fri 13th June
A day in Wimbledon with the London Clarets
- Burnley Sun 4th May
Clarets Mad meets Womble Simon Wheeler
- Burnley Thu 26th September
Poisoned by a McKoppel Takeaway
- Burnley Wed 25th September
The Phoenix League
- Burnley Mon 10th December
Football and the television - what's going on?
- Burnley Mon 19th November
- Burnley Wed 31st October