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The lost legacy of the Premier League

The lost legacy of the Premier League

At a quarter past four on Saturday, 25 April, every Burnley supporter was cruelly reminded that football can be a game o
In search of 40 points

In search of 40 points

At about 12 o'clock on Saturday, sitting in the sunshine at the Old Trafford test match, my mind wandered briefly to the
This is no way to exploit promotion

This is no way to exploit promotion

Just three weeks ago, a packed and sunny Turf Moor saw Burnley beat Wigan to seal a promotion to cap a remarkable season
Playing for Glory

Playing for Glory

"The game is about glory. It's about doing things in style, with a flourish."
The mystery of the missing thousands

The mystery of the missing thousands

At every home game, from my seat in the front row of the upper tier of the Longside, I undertake the same ritual.
Time for a change of tactics

Time for a change of tactics

It's derby day on Sunday and Richard Oldroyd has his say on the restrictions being put in place by the two clubs and the
In search of stability

In search of stability

No-one who has supported Burnley for any length of time should be surprised by anything which happens at Turf Moor.
A labour of love

A labour of love

In many ways, it seems extraordinary to think that it is over 13 years since Barry Kilby beat Ray Ingleby in the race to

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Burnley are Back
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Owen Coyle's Claret and Blue Armada
- Burnley Fri 22nd May
The Final Hurdle
- Burnley Fri 1st May
Live Your Dreams
- Burnley Fri 10th April
Reborn Robbie drives Burnley's ambition
- Burnley Thu 26th March
Death of Glory
- Burnley Fri 6th March
The Bitterest Pill
- Burnley Thu 8th January
Time to Ride the Tide
- Burnley Tue 23rd December
Rovers folly highlights flawed thinking
- Burnley Wed 10th December
Year of promise underlines Coyle's potential
- Burnley Mon 24th November
Burnley on the Move
- Burnley Fri 7th November
The Real Killer of Skill
- Burnley Mon 20th October
Football's Frail New World
- Burnley Tue 14th October
Time to Take Pride in our Past
- Burnley Thu 28th August
A Sloppy Operation
- Burnley Sun 17th August
Coyle's Clarets Start Down Right Road
- Burnley Thu 7th August
Eagles Arrival Dares us to Hope
- Burnley Wed 30th July
Youthful Vision a Vital Development
- Burnley Tue 10th June
The key to captaincy
- Burnley Tue 27th May
Reviving Respect for the Men in the Middle
- Burnley Tue 13th May
Time for Clarets to Choose Direction
- Burnley Wed 23rd April
Well-Oiled Harley Coyle's Key Man
- Burnley Thu 3rd April
Beating the Wrong Drum
- Burnley Thu 20th March
Fighting Football's Freedom
- Burnley Thu 21st February
Should've, Would've, Could've
- Burnley Wed 6th February
A Question of Identity
- Burnley Thu 24th January
Gunners' Salute marks Claret's Quality
- Burnley Tue 8th January
New Year brings Owen's window of opportunity
- Burnley Fri 28th December
Thinking Outside the Bubble
- Burnley Thu 6th December
Coyle's Law one of Risk and Reward
- Burnley Thu 29th November
And the New Man must be…
- Burnley Fri 16th November
Still Searching for our Special One
- Burnley Wed 14th November
Time for Steve to find the answers
- Burnley Tue 30th October
Making them down at Gawthorpe
- Burnley Thu 18th October
This is Burnley, a Football Club
- Burnley Tue 2nd October
Food for thought from Roman's World
- Burnley Thu 27th September
Burnley's Battle With The Big Image
- Burnley Sat 8th September
Resisting the Pack
- Burnley Thu 23rd August
Time to move though the gears
- Burnley Mon 6th August
Building the Foundations of the Future
- Burnley Thu 26th July
The Wrong Debates
- Burnley Fri 20th July
True Colours
- Burnley Thu 14th June
Welcome Developments
- Burnley Wed 30th May
FA Failings Condemn Blades to the Knife
- Burnley Tue 22nd May
Learning Lessons
- Burnley Sat 12th May
The Missing Link Man
- Burnley Thu 26th April
Brian Miller's Legacy
- Burnley Wed 11th April
Making it Fun Again
- Burnley Tue 3rd April
Crisis Point
- Burnley Fri 16th March
Can Flood stem the Tide?
- Burnley Thu 7th December
Unravelling the Attendance Misconception
- Burnley Fri 10th November
Bring Jimmy Back
- Burnley Fri 27th October
The Power of Belief
- Burnley Mon 16th October
Those Dirty, Greedy Secrets
- Burnley Thu 21st September
Staying Real
- Burnley Fri 15th September
Fast-track to Failure?
- Burnley Thu 31st August
A Continuing Evolution
- Burnley Sat 19th August
Too Much, too Soon?
- Burnley Sat 22nd July
The English Attitude
- Burnley Wed 28th June
Football's Forgotten Fields
- Burnley Tue 30th May
A Time To Be Brave
- Burnley Fri 28th April
The Longer View
- Burnley Thu 13th April