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Stumps, Runs and Rock & Roll

Stumps, Runs and Rock & Roll

Can't grumble I suppose. The UK weather wasn't too draconian when we got back from the blue skies and sun of Kalkan.
Sojourn in Kalkan

Sojourn in Kalkan

With the nights drawing in and autumn settling over Yorkshire and Lancashire and our brains still tingling after the win
A new hero is born

A new hero is born

We were waiting for Joey. The flurry of publicity and media focus had died down. Nor did he play in the reserve game aga
The strange case of a disappearing Jelle

The strange case of a disappearing Jelle

All of us I guess were stunned by the news that after just 8 weeks Jelle Vossen had gone back to Belgium, this time to B
No longer the underdog

No longer the underdog

We've got to get used to it. It seems we are no longer 'Little Burnley.' People seem to think we throw our weight around
Remembering Dick Emery

Remembering Dick Emery

We were up in the Dales for a week in a spot where phone signals are poor and messageboards were hard to find. Add to th
Echoes of '59

Echoes of '59

The opening game and away at Elland Road was not the first game of the season you would have perhaps chosen.
Back in the Groove

Back in the Groove

By this time last year I think I'd already clocked up four diary pieces with the Prem season to look forward to and the

Finale and send-off
- Burnley Tue 26th May
Sadness but the funeral on hold
- Burnley Mon 18th May
Relegation, the view from Kent
- Burnley Mon 11th May
Moments of truth
- Burnley Mon 27th April
The view from Tenerife
- Burnley Mon 20th April
It's the 'what if' game?
- Burnley Tue 7th April
Fifty Shades of Frustration
- Burnley Wed 25th March
Bovril, a pie and a 1-0 win
- Burnley Mon 16th March
This is Anfield
- Burnley Tue 10th March
Back to some sort of normality
- Burnley Mon 2nd March
Pencils up his nose and a pair of pants on his head
- Burnley Wed 25th February
Have we upset the football Gods?
- Burnley Sat 14th February
Let's not forget where we are
- Burnley Tue 10th February
Not the best of weekends
- Burnley Thu 5th February
Heroes, wingers and Tom Finney
- Burnley Fri 23rd January
How to start a Lada & lose 2 games
- Burnley Mon 19th January
The Duracell men
- Burnley Wed 14th January
Disappearing cup magic
- Burnley Wed 7th January
Up on cloud nine
- Burnley Sun 4th January
Down Buchan & Etihad Lane
- Burnley Tue 30th December
A Birthday and 55 years a Claret
- Burnley Sat 27th December
Down Buchan Lane - 2
- Burnley Mon 22nd December
Down Buchan Lane
- Burnley Mon 15th December
A Weekend Away
- Burnley Tue 9th December
The Road to Salvation
- Burnley Mon 1st December
In with a shout
- Burnley Sun 16th November
Eddie Clamp would have sorted 'im
- Burnley Tue 11th November
This time it's Sanchez
- Burnley Mon 3rd November
A Win for Uncle Arthur
- Burnley Tue 28th October
We only have one lightbulb for now
- Burnley Mon 20th October
- Burnley Wed 8th October
Punch-ups, jargon and West Brom
- Burnley Tue 30th September
Turned out nice again
- Burnley Tue 23rd September
Hello North Korea
- Burnley Thu 4th September
Famous for 15 minutes
- Burnley Thu 28th August
Almost dreamy eyed
- Burnley Wed 20th August
Dead flies and pigeon feathers
- Burnley Sun 10th August
He's ont mantelpiece with me dad
- Burnley Thu 31st July
Dedicated to Liam Sweeney and John Alder
- Burnley Sat 19th July
Blue seats and disappearing ginger
- Burnley Thu 10th July
Will we see Suarez at The Turf?
- Burnley Wed 2nd July
Looking good, all systems go
- Burnley Thu 26th June
The beautiful game, the beautiful season
- Burnley Sun 11th May
A marker in history
- Burnley Wed 23rd April
Twang there goes another nerve
- Burnley Sun 20th April
On the Cusp
- Burnley Mon 14th April
Be the man that makes the difference
- Burnley Thu 10th April
Limping to Watford, strutting home
- Burnley Mon 7th April
A Game Too Far
- Burnley Tue 1st April
A day in the Belgian Republic of Charlton
- Burnley Tue 25th March
Cellino wherefore art thou
- Burnley Mon 17th March
The morning after
- Burnley Fri 14th March
Ewood, Dyche and Moneyball
- Burnley Tue 11th March
Undetectable Injections?
- Burnley Mon 3rd March
Been a traumatic week
- Burnley Mon 24th February
Off to see the history boys
- Burnley Tue 18th February
Peter Shackleton - the real story
- Burnley Wed 12th February
A little boy's perfect day
- Burnley Mon 10th February
Crunch Time
- Burnley Tue 4th February
With Clive Again
- Burnley Mon 27th January
How did we not win that?
- Burnley Mon 20th January
Through the floods to Yeovil
- Burnley Mon 13th January
Into 2014 Cups & Re-unions
- Burnley Mon 6th January
Halfway round the bend
- Burnley Thu 2nd January
Twas the night before Xmas
- Burnley Tue 31st December
For God's sake lift the roof off
- Burnley Mon 16th December
Cometh the hour, cometh the Kightly
- Burnley Tue 10th December
Pennine Invasion
- Burnley Mon 2nd December
Clive Holt chats - Part Two
- Burnley Wed 27th November
The season starts again
- Burnley Tue 26th November
Clive Holt chats - Part One
- Burnley Wed 20th November
Filling in the time
- Burnley Fri 15th November
The return of Eddie
- Burnley Tue 12th November
And so to Millwall
- Burnley Tue 5th November
Toothaches and penalties
- Burnley Fri 1st November
Pinch me I'm Dreaming
- Burnley Mon 28th October
Filling in the Time
- Burnley Thu 17th October
Clarke's Book
- Burnley Thu 10th October
A Topping Show
- Burnley Tue 8th October
I go away for a few days and…
- Burnley Fri 4th October
Just £3.82 on Kindle
- Burnley Sun 15th September
A day is a long time in football
- Burnley Tue 3rd September
Dear Keith
- Burnley Wed 21st August
Dave Burnley's Telephone Number
- Burnley Mon 19th August
Opening Day
- Burnley Tue 6th August
Friendly Day
- Burnley Tue 30th July
All aboard the pensioner special
- Burnley Sun 21st July