Straw Man at it again, but then there's Birtwistle

Last updated : 26 February 2002 By Tony Scholes

Mr. Straw watches his football at Ewood Park with other members of his family. You will probably remember photographs of his son in the newspapers carrying out his business in a blue and white halved shirt.

"Some people say Burnley fans eat bananas with their feet. I would not say that at all, it would be offensive to the great apes", were the words of the Straw man on national radio on Sunday and this from our Foreign Secretary. What chance do we have abroad when this man can be so offensive to people just down the road from his own constituency.

There are Burnley supporters around the Houses of Parliament, and in particular our own MP Peter Pile and the Labour party's Director of Communications Alastair Campbell. These two are real fans who go to away games and sit in the away end, not taking up the corporate hospitality.

Mind you having said that do we really help ourselves. Last week came the dreadful news that the next mayor of Burnley, yes BURNLEY, is set to be Councillor Gordon Birtwistle who has similar views to Burnley Football Club as the Straw man. He has been the owner of a private box at Ewood Park yet is set to take up such a position within our own town. It still makes my blood boil that he had the nerve to join the official party last season at the opening of Harry Potts Way. I hope Burnley Football Club break with tradition and do not afford the next mayor the same hospitality that has been available in the past.

Birtwistle's position as mayor is subject to him retaining his seat on the council at the local elections. He is standing in my ward and I for one will certainly NOT be voting for him.