Owen Coyle - what's going on?

Last updated : 03 January 2010 By Tony Scholes
Some of that speculation has just about confirmed him as the new Bolton Wanderers manager whilst some insists he will continue as Burnley boss. If both are right then it could be a very interesting evening at the Reebok on 26th January.

The problem is, as always, that the supporters have no idea what's going on as that speculation goes one way and then the next. Some tabloids have confirmed he wants the job, indeed that he'll get the job, one has said we are demanding £4 million for him.

At this stage Burnley have said there has been no approach from Bolton, but they haven't even gone as far as to say an approach would be unwelcome. Surely they should be issuing a hands off warning right now and at least letting the fans know that losing Owen Coyle is the last thing we want.

Other than a brief statement, one the club have not put out officially, there has been nothing other than a prominent director telling fans we have a fight on our hands to keep him but one we can win.

And then there was the after match press conference yesterday. ITV on their highlights programme scoffed at the suggestion that it was because of a pre arranged family visit in Scotland whilst one national newspaper this morning has reported that Coyle was still in the ground much later than that. All I know is that he doesn't miss these press conferences.

Needless to say it was all the major talking point at the Franchise yesterday. Some fans know he's staying apparently, others actually know he's going. I, personally, have no idea one way or the other to be honest which is why, until now, I've not even attempted to report anything.

I've read everything, I've listened to what's been said and I can only have my own opinion which is based on nothing certain one way or another. When Gary Megson left Bolton a few days ago I wasn't unduly concerned but I do now have the belief that our manager probably does wish to speak to them. I think he could just be swayed to take over at a club for whom he played back in the mid 1990s.

But let's get one thing straight; apart from the fact that we don't want a change of manager, the timing is all wrong. To have to go looking for a replacement now, right in the middle of what is surely a crucial transfer window for us, is exactly what we don't want.

So come on Burnley - tell Bolton they can't talk to him, tell them to go and get Peter Reid from Stoke and let's get on with picking up the points we need to stay in the Premier League.