Grant in player of the year contention after Coventry game

Last updated : 19 April 2012 By Tony Scholes

 Grant was instrumental in keeping us level in the first twenty minutes of the game, making three saves, two of which were excellent saves, to deny Coventry an early lead.

Although unable to keep a clean sheet, his performance left him the winner of both the man of the match vote and the player ratings, the latter by some distance.

He polled 27.6% of the man of the match vote to see off Michael Duff who came in second with a 21.5% share of the vote. Dean Marney, with 15.3%, was third.

In the player ratings, Grant was again the winner and his rating of 76.9 out of 10 was a long way ahead of Marney who was second this time with a rating of 6.16. Charlie Austin, scorer of the Burnley goal, was third with a rating of 6.09 out of 10. These three players were the only three to have a rating above the average six out of ten.

This result gave Grant six points towards the Clarets Mad Player of the Year with Marney securing three points, Duff getting two points and one point for Austin.

Those points have made things very interesting at the top of the player of the year table. Trippier still leads by three points but Grant has now joined Jay Rodriguez, who looked the likely winner until his injury, in second place with Marney just a further four points behind.

Voting is currently still underway for the Leicester game. You can cast your man of the match vote either on the front page or via the VOTING POLLS page and the PLAYER RATINGS can be left on the message board.

Below is the result of the Coventry game and the current player of the year table.

Man of the Match

27.6% - Lee Grant (76 votes)
21.5% - Michael Duff (59 votes)
15.3% - Dean Marney (42 votes)
11.6% - Charlie Austin (32 votes)
8.0% - Kieran Trippier (22 votes)
4.4% - Ross Wallace (12 votes)
3.6% - Josh McQuoid (10 votes)
2.9% - Danny Ings (8 votes)
2.5% - Junior Stanislas (7 votes)
1.1% - Marvin Bartley & David Edgar (3 votes)
0.4% - Chris McCann (1 vote)

Player Ratings

7.69 - Lee Grant
6.16 - Dean Marney
6.09 - Charlie Austin
5.59 - Michael Duff
5.47 - Kieran Trippier
5.41 - Ross Wallace
5.38 - Junior Stanislas
5.22 - Danny Ings
4.94 - David Edgar
4.81 - Marvin Bartley
4.63 - Chris McCann
4.59 - Josh McQuoid

Clarets Mad Player of the Year

66: Kieran Trippier
63: Lee Grant & Jay Rodriguez
59: Dean Marney
53: Marvin Bartley
47: Michael Duff
46: Charlie Austin
31: David Edgar & Chris McCann
27: Ross Wallace
25: Ben Mee
22: Andre Amougou
17: Keith Treacy
12: Danny Ings
11: Brian Easton & Junior Stanislas
5: Wade Elliott
3: Danny Lafferty
2: Martin Paterson
1: Zavon Hines & Josh McQuoid