We are not going to sit back and say 'come and attack us

Last updated : 30 January 2010 By Tony Scholes
Ancelotti, making his first visit to Turf Moor, knows that wins against Burnley and Hull in midweek will be a big boost to his team's chances of regaining the Premier League title they last won in 2006.

"Our job is to win and play well and then we can watch a fantastic game," he said before leaving for Burnley. "It is fantastic not only because we are interested in it but because it will be a good match. If we are able to win tomorrow, any result in that game is good for us.

"We will be in a very good position if we win our next two games but that will not be easy because Burnley and Hull are teams involved at the bottom of the table and they will put strong determination in the game.

"Now we have a precise idea how to play and we want to maintain this. We played very well at home against Sunderland and Birmingham and now we want to do the same away because the pitch is the same."

Since taking over at Turf Moor, Brian Laws has been faced with three away games, but now comes his first opportunity to manage the club at home.

"I have been waiting for this opportunity and what better way of having your first game in charge here than against one of the best teams in the country. I have been frustrated that I have had to wait so long for a first home game and it's been frustrating for the players as well.

"The one thing all players like doing is playing at home because of the fantastic support and I am no different. It's one I'm looking forward to and one the players are looking forward to, getting back at home.

"It's been a long time and they can't wait to get back on that pitch again because one thing that pitch and the support gives you is that it makes it uncomfortable for the opposition and I know Chelsea won't relish coming here."

He continued: "They are a good side and they will come expecting to win but we will beg to differ. The players and the supporters have upset a lot of teams and I want to embrace that and I want to be part of that and I want to say I have upset the likes of Chelsea.

"But it's the players that have done it and it's all down to them when they get on that park. With the support of the supporters, and I know what they are going to get from when I was a player here, I think it will be an electric atmosphere."

"Chelsea have great players and will be up for the occasion themselves because they have an agenda to go and win every game," Laws added. "For me it will be a very open game. We are not going to sit back and say 'come and attack us'. We are going to attack them.

"We are at home and that's what the supporters will be expecting and that's what we are going to give. The players will be very excited by the prospect of the opposition. That's a huge incentive for the players and a huge lift for everybody.

"I think everybody has been looking forward to this game as they did Manchester United. No game is easy but they are damn exciting."