Tw*t of the Week Special – Fat Fred's at it again

Last updated : 03 December 2004 By Tony Scholes

Freddie Shepherd the Newcastle chairman is not the most popular of people on Tyneside, they have never forgiven him and Douglas Hall for their lack of respect for the local women some years ago.

And he’s certainly not the most popular of people around the country now after firstly launching an astonishing attack on Manchester United before dismissing clubs in divisions below the Premiership.

He chose to speak on behalf of all the Premiership clubs and said that the executives of these clubs were striving for success and did not have time to worry about lower division clubs. “It is dog-eat-dog,” he said. “The big fight will be for the Premier League to take over the running of the other leagues.

“The others cannot hold us back, the time will come, I think, when it is the Premier League running the whole show.

“Many of these other clubs will have to go part time. When we get 52,000 fans at each home game, the last thing we are worried about is clubs in the third division.”

When it was suggested to him that the Premiership clubs needed seventy-two clubs thriving under them in a solid Football League pyramid Shepherd retorted, “There is no sympathy here.”

He’s not the first from Newcastle to have a go at smaller clubs – back in the 1970s Malcolm Macdonald said that clubs such as Burnley should not be allowed to play in the top division and should be automatically relegated. We were 6th in the league at the time.

Of course they are such a big club up there in Newcastle and it is so understandable when you consider that between the garbage form Macdonald in 1974 and this week’s garbage from Shepherd their club has won, and let’s get the figure exact, 0 (yes that is zero) major honours.

Shepherd was out in Dubai spouting this at some football business forum. Frankly I think he should be spending more time looking after his own club rather – to put it bluntly, if they can attract 52,000 each home game they are seriously underachieving.