Clarets Mad Tw*t of the Week 2002/03 – Week 27

Last updated : 28 February 2003 By Tony Scholes

Tw*t of the Week - Jean Tigana
Surely there had to be no doubt who the winner is this week. There is nothing quite so sad as a sore loser, someone who just cannot accept that his team has been beaten. So stand up Mr. Toothpick Jean Tigana because you are as deserving a winner of this award as there has ever been.

Your post match comments were nothing short of insulting to Burnley Football Club, to our manager Stan Ternent and to our players. If you seriously think that we tried to break Luis Boa Morte then you clearly were not at the same game as us and not at the same game as the Sky cameras.

We don’t mind you looking for excuses if that’s how you, it is pathetic we know but if it is what you want to do then fine. So your childish comments about playing two games in three days I can accept. However having been giving the option of moving the Spurs game you chose not to because money grabbing was more important to you and you didn’t want to lose £600,000.

Earlier this season Spurs were beaten at Turf Moor in the Worthington Cup. Glenn Hoddle after the game conducted himself professionally and fairly and paid due respect to the Clarets. You chose not to, that’s OK if you are so childish you cannot bring yourself to do it.

But what is not acceptable in any way are the insulting remarks you made. Thank goodness there was one professional manager at the ground that night, and didn’t he tell you. Quite honestly this is a serious allegation and as you well know totally incorrect. At the very least you should be charged with bringing the game into disrepute after your remarks about us and referee Phil Dowd.

And one other thing, take another look at the challenge on Tony Grant that got Sean Davis a red card. How dare you say it was unfair, he nearly ripped his ankle off.

It is common knowledge that you stay in England is coming to an end, you won’t be missed. In fact after witnessing this I can say that English football will be much better for not having you around.

Even away from Harrods not everyone was impressed with our victory and second place this week goes to Talk Sport’s Mike Parry who launched a debate on the radio station yesterday morning that suggested Burnley were devaluing the FA Cup.

Parry would prefer to see just the big teams competing now and, despite suggestions that he will put up with Sheffield United and Wolves, feels that Burnley’s presence does nothing but lower the competition.

Maybe Parry would prefer the FA Cup each season to start at the semi-final stage with the Premiership’s top four clubs taking part. Maybe he would prefer matches such as Wednesday’s never to exist.

If he had his way the BBC would have to make some changes to their FA Cup coverage, no longer would there be such occurrences as Ronnie Radford’s goal for
Hereford against Newcastle whilst Wimbledon and Sutton United would never have had the opportunities as non-league clubs to beat top division clubs Burnley and Coventry respectively.

The FA Cup is not what it was but there is still some romance in it, there is still a chance that smaller clubs can have some glory. We can still get ties such as Burnley v Canvey Island.

But if Parry got his way none of this would happen and we would have just a few of the usual Premiership type games with the cup at the end.

We might not be one of the big clubs in English football but Parry needs to be made aware that we are not a small club either. He also needs to be aware that we are deserving of a place in the 6th round of the FA Cup because we have won three ties to get there.

We are still with the FA Cup for third place but now we move on from our win against Fulham and look towards the tie at Watford.

It was only in November that we visited Vicarage Road for our First Division game and I can report that the Burnley fans were charged £15 adults and £10 concessions to watch the game.

We all know
Watford are hard up but they have chosen to fleece the fans for the cup tie and have increased prices by £5. This means that adult prices go up 33% to £20 whilst concessions go up 50% to £15.

We all know that they cannot lower prices without agreement from the opposing club but it does appear that they can increase them just as much as they like without any agreement. This sort of increase is greed gone mad and we can only hope and assume that Burnley Football Club have had nothing to do with this.

It’s not just the Clarets fans though, the home fans are also facing the same increase. Given that Watford have only 500 tickets left and given that there was a queue at the Turf this morning it is going to be a good crowd so was there any need to rip these loyal fans off even further?

With Burnley facing five away games in a fortnight this will be a further blow that will certainly go some way to costing us support at vital league games in the near future.

Needless to say the Football Association were pushing for a place. They made it clear that it was Fulham they wanted to go through and this week when having to announce our victory they couldn’t even spell our manager’s name correctly.

So off went the emails again and once again they had to make corrections. But they are wonderful down Soho Square. I phoned them at 10:00 a.m. two days ago to confirm the referee for our replay.

“Graham Poll is the referee Sir,” I was told so imagine my surprise to see Phil Dowd taking charge a few hours later. And it wasn’t a late replacement, such a change would have caught out the match programme but they had been able to show the correct referee.

It really is worrying that this lot are in charge of the game. Only this week it came to light that despite spending a King’s ransom on a new Wembley Stadium that we don’t want they are in serious financial difficulties.

Nobody should be surprised to see the game in a mess.

That is it for Week 27 and it is back up to you now to check things out over the next few days. Send us your NOMINATIONS by midnight next Thursday and next Friday we will reveal the winner for Week 28.

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