Clarets LIVE - Wigan V Burnley from the JJB Stadium

Last updated : 31 January 2004 By Ben Slater

Final Score:

Wigan Athletic 0-0 Burnley [Full Time]

JJB Stadium
The Clarets are LIVE from the JJB Stadium this afternoon

Text Commentary:
Wigan with the kick-off.
1' McCulloch with an early charge down the left for Wigan, penalised for a handball.
2' Blake caught in possession by Bullard, Wigan come forward and a strong challenge by May concedes a free-kick. Swung in for Baines, nodded away - comes to nothing eventually, and a goalkick for Burnley.
3' McGregor in well on Ellington, concedes a throw-in on halfway.
3' Bullard finding some space, tries a long range shot which goes harmlessly over the bar. Came about after a misplaced pass by Ian Moore for Chaplow.
4' Long ball forward from Roche looking for Moore who appeared to be offside, but the Australian 'keeper Filan collected the ball on the edge of the area.
5' Ellington, passes for Baines has a quick look up spears a ball for Roberts but he's offside.
6' Blake flicked it on for Moore, Eaden hastily clears - in almost a panic.
7' Wigan coming forward now, Baines with the cross headed away by Camara well. Wood collected trying to move away from defence "playing a bit of football". Free-kick Burnley.
8' Chance for Ellington on the edge of the area for Wigan but Roche just about does enough and digs it out.
8' Eaden with a cross to the back post, header back inside from McCulloch but easily collected by Jensen.
9' Camara with some run down the left, trying to get a ball in for Moore but it was poor and cut out by Breckin.
10' Ellington lays off nicely from Bullard - a poor ball from him, but Wigan keep possession and a cross comes in for Roberts, who tries a header from distance - harmlessly wide.
11' Ellington finding some space after McGregor and May got in some trouble from a high ball, but he shot poorly and well wide of the target.
12' Teale, tracked by Camara, gets a ball in - out across the other side for a throw-in to Burnley - ball coming off Jarrett.
13' Moore with a nice touch to get away from his man, ball cleared into Moore but it rebounds into the midriff of Filan.
14' Ball falls kindly for Blake, who finds Little - who'll have to hit it on his Left, and he does, it's blocked, Clarets retain possession and Blake feeds Little once more, tries a cross but it was underhit and cleared.
15' Little caught offside.
15' May fouls Roberts, Bullard takes it quickly. Wood then fouled by Roberts. Wood working hard getting back and covering.
16' Player down for Wigan, just requiring a bit of treatment, Jarrett.
18' Wood forward, Blake hits it into Breckin, and Wigan get a chance to counter. Down the field, Wigan win the first corner of the game. Came off May. Corner in, De Vos won the header, Burnley scramble it clear.
19' Teale supplies Baines, who knocks in a ball and Jensen makes a good catch.
19' Moore with a real chance, broken through the offside trap - but Filan out ever so well to crush the attack.
20' Wigan win a free-kick on the edge of the area in a dangerous position. Shot comes in, FANTASTIC save from Jensen - to his right. Striker name not given, cleared for a corner. Corner in, header again for De Vos - caught by Jensen.
21' Camara, bombing down the left, fantastic ball, Blake now with a chance, shot - deflected - corner. Headed away from the corner, Wigan counter attack it's now 3 on 3... comes to nothing and Burnley in turn with their quick attack, Moore caught offside.
23' Baines with a good ball in, Camara is there and he elegantly chests it down for Brian Jensen.
23' Little, does really well, some talent from Super - rides the challenge plays a ball in for Moore, can he get behind De Vos - no he can't and the Wigan defender makes a vital clearance.
24' Teale, gets away from Camara - a real chance for Wigan, in space now is Teale, gets a cross in and McGregor forced to head it out for a corner. Corner in and AGAIN won by the towering De Vos, down in the 6 yard box, Jensen comes - Roberts... hooked it wide.
26' Chance for Wigan, in McCulloch - does really well does Roche, guides him to the touchline and closes him down well. Burnley on the attack now, Little pulled back but he keeps the ball, Blake does his man, but then loses out to De Vos.
28' Blake, runs at Baines but the latter gets his ball in and out for a throw-in. Roche gets the ball at his feet, dinks a looping cross in and Filan makes the simple catch.
29' Blake with lovely skill in the centre circle, lovely play from Burnley, put Little free, Super got into a good position, his cross was hooked away.
30' Little wins a corner for Burnley under pressure, great work from Little. Poor corner from Wood, cleared by McCulloch at the near post.
30' Grant, spreads for Wood, Wood for Camara, first time ball in for Moore - can't get it under control. Burnley retain possession.
31' Blake turns it over, trying to find Little - poor ball to be honest.
32' Ellington to McCulloch and cut out really well by McGregor when Roberts was in space.
34' McCulloch, tees up Roberts - who hit a good shot to the bottom right corner and Jensen made an excellent save.
36' Cross in aimed for Ellington, but Burnley manage to half-clear.
36' Cross in from Eaden, and deflected out at the back post for a corner. Surely will go to De Vos. Ball in, headed away by Roche.
37' GOAL DISALLOWED! Ball came in, Burnley under pressure at the back De Vos headed it into the back of the net, but infringed his man and Burnley breathe again.
38' Neat attacking move from Burnley, after some excellent work from Camara and Blake, but the latters final ball just eluded Moore.
39' Moore with a real chance to get through on goal, appeared to be brought down, but referee wants none of it. Ternent furious (but did I need to tell you?). Wood caught by his man.
40' Roche chased back really well, and timed an excellent challenge on Ellington, Burnley somehow win a goal-kick.
44' Blake keeps in the ball, tried to find Wood, but he can't and Wigan with a counter-attack. Teale with some trickery up against Camara, and it came off Mo and has gone out for a corner for Wigan.
45' McGregor heads away the corner, away from De Vos.
45' Wigan win another corner, came off Camara again. Corner in, De Vos won the header, falls for Chaplow who played a nice ball for Blake who couldn't turn his man.
47' Eaden gets a ball in for Wigan, looking for Roberts and cleared by May.
Half Time: 0-0
Second Half
Burnley get the second half underway.
45' Grant was pulled back on the edge of the box, it was De Vos - booked for unsporting behaviour.
46' Real chance for Robbie Blake here. He might cross this one though, well it's Wood! Wood, takes the shot left foot... hits the wall and goes wide.
47' Blake with the corner, May fouls De Vos and a free-kick to Wigan.
48' Little gets away from De Vos for the minute, knocked away from him by Breckin.
49' Teale just gets away from Camara, works back though, McGregor in ever so well to cover - came flying in, but judged a free-kick. Bullard will take this one would imagine, 4 man wall. Shot, and save for Brian Jensen falling down well to his right.
50' Chance for McCulloch as the ball was layed into his path by Ellington but May got in and belted it away.
51' Roberts, tracked by McGregor - does well, but Camara is on hand to clear.
52' McGregor skinned, and the shot came in, collected by Jensen. First time McGregor has been bamboozled.
52' Lovely work from Wood, gets by his man, might tee up a shot here - instead he gives it Blake... offside. Ohh and he's kicked the ball away again petulantly has Robbie Blake. Indisciplined behaviour, and Blake booked.
54' Burnley attack comes to nothing, as Little tries to feed Blake.
55' Chaplow heads the ball away and out, to his gaffer in Stan Ternent. Stanley with some terrible control as the ball seeks to nut meg the boss.
55' Oooh and a real chance for Burnley! Blake, to Moore, one-two, Blake in space to tee up a shot, hit it against Filan and out for a corner. Probably the best chance of the game.
56' Wood catches his man. May booked for dissent.
57' Jensen sprayed his kick, out for a throw-in.
58' May deflects the ball out for Wigan's 7th corner. Jensen blatantly fouled, but Burnley forced to concede another corner. This time, short for Teale - over everyone, secondary ball in headed away by May.
59' Wood trying to take it on the run, but he can't - Chaplow CHOPPED down, Wigan come away with it. STUNNING tackle from McGregor to cover, and here come Burnley again. Chance for Wood now, nothing doing.
60' This one's heating up.
60' Wood, with a ball across the park, good cut out from De Vos. Almost a gem.
61' Little, got by one man, but collected by McCulloch who won the ball as well.
61' Oh and another into the book? Yes, Grant - with his 4th yellow for going in too strongly on his man, possibly didn't even foul his man...
62' Corner for Wigan. Ball in, Jensen impeded and wins the free-kick this time.
63' Moore to Wood, finds Blake, can he create something, tries to feed Wood - Wood stacks it and Wigan come away with the football now.
64' Little clattered by McCulloch, free-kick to Burnley and there doesn't seem to the the same consistency from Uriah Rennie.
65' Roche deals with a long ball at the back by laying back to Jensen who sent it clear.
65' Jensen comes and collects of Jarrett's toes.
66' Blake crowded out, but he turns nicely - tries to feed Moore, but Wood's offside.
67' Cross in from Teale, and Jensen comes and collects the cross with relative ease. Co-commentator remarks that Jensen is good at collecting crosses.
69' McGregor in a spot of bother at the back, but Camara does well to cover and sends it away.
70' First change for Wigan, it's Liddle coming on for McCulloch. Liddle will play down the left.
71' Lovely lay off from Blake for Chaplow but Bullard is there to cut it out.
72' Little with 3 on him, loses out unfortunately and catches Liddle. Free-kick to Wigan.
73' Bullard coming forward, headed away by McGregor, but Wigan still with it. Bullard with a shot... got deflected, a heart in mouth moment, Burnley come away with it. Well apparently not, Grant or Chaplow penalised. Free-kick to Wigan. Bullard, hits it around the wall - Jensen got down really well to his right and held it.
75' Ellington, feeds Liddell, blocked by Roche and out for a throw in.
76' Cross in from Eaden, header well wide of the target from Jason Roberts.
77' Wigan coming forward in numbers now, played to Bullard who has a pop from 25 yards - goes wide. Jensen had it covered.
78' Ball falls wide for Liddell, cuts inside and decides to try a shot - but over the bar "3 points to Wigan" remarks Phil Bird.
79' Baines with a long ball, flicked on by Ellington and collected there by Jensen.
82' Camara gets away from a couple, fed Grant, got it on to Moore - did really well did Mooro, Little with the shot and it was saved by Filan.
83' Chaplow gets clear, gets a ball back in and just cleared by the Wigan backmen.
83' Wood surging forward, cracks a shot - stung the palms of Filan.
84' Liddell with a cross in, Camara lets it go and out for a goalkick.
85' Teale with a run at Camara, out for a corner. Swung in, headed away by Camara, Burnley on the counter.
86' Blake with a sublime ball for Chaplow, holding up - Roche onto Wood on to Blake. Blake finds Little, gets by one but loses out.
87' Wigan with a run forward, appeals for handball against Roberts, not given - McGregor in and scythes down his man! Into the book is McGregor and it's a free-kick for Wigan. Bullard might have a shot here too. Bullard... goes wide.
88' Orr to come on for Little here. Bird recalls his dream, in which Orr scored with his first touch.
89' Ellington, in some space, tries a shot but a weak effort, no danger there.
90' Jensen comes out really well, to prevent Roberts getting in there.
91' Baines - knocks it back for Ellington, but another shot over the bar.
91' 2 minutes of time added-on.
92' Teale with a cross in, blocked by Roche. Eaden with the throw, played to Bullard and a goal-kick.
Full Time: 0-0

Pre-Match Notes:
Alan Moore is absent, presumably through injury, Neil Wood takes his place, and makes his Claret and Blue debut.
Pitch in poor condition and according to reports, set to chop up throughout the course of the game.






























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