Clarets LIVE - Mansfield Town V Burnley from Field Mill

Last updated : 03 January 2004 By Ben Slater

Final Score:

Mansfield Town 0-2 Burnley [FT]
(Ian Moore '30, '72)

Field Mill
The Clarets are LIVE from Field Mill this afternoon

Text Commentary:
Stags get us underway.
1' Blake manages to get an early ball in and it just eludes Moore, but the Clarets keep possession, and play it around the back.
2' Stags come forward, through the Derbyshire chill, McGregor sends it into the stands and cleared.
3' Chance for Mansfield, Chaplow comes away with the ball though.
3' Chadwick did really well and tried to release Moore, but the defender just got his boot in.
4' Great chance for Burnley as Moore released Blake, who waited and waited - he was one on one and for some reason didn't shoot. Clarets win a corner though. Blake swings it in, May wins the header, Chadwick can't get a shot in.
5' Lawrence plays a ball through for Mansfield but Jensen comes and collects on the edge of his area.
6' Moore to Roche, the latter swings in a ball but it's poor and headed back to the Stags skipper and 'keeper - Pilkington.
6' Moore did well down the right, got a ball through to Chadwick - but he fired his shot straight at the Goalkeeper. Two guilt edged chances for the Clarets.
7' Blake finds Roche, who in turn tries to find Weller but it's cleared for a throw-in.
8' Mendez goes in strongly on Grant, but gets away with it - it was a poor ball from Weller to put Granty under pressure.
9' Jensen makes a good clearance after Roche played an awkward ball back to him.
10' McGregor adjudged to have fouled his man. Dangerous position, Lawrence took the free-kick but elected to swing it in - Jensen caught the ball with ease.
11' Burnley caught out slightly as Mansfield took a throw, which McGregor thought was ours, quickly - and the Stags have a corner. McEveley heads it away but the Stags retain possession. May clears eventually.
12' Chaplow gives it away to Disley, here come Mansfield now, but Roche gets a good tackle in. Did well did Roche.
13' Clarets on the attack now, Blake finds Chadwick with a glorious ball, Chadwick hits in a low cross - looped onto the roof of the net via deflection. Corner to Burnley. Blake with it in, May fouling his man, and somewhat harshly gives it against the ex-Manchester United centre-back.
14' McEveley gives the ball away, eventually comes to a free-kick against the Clarets.
15' Free-kick taken, and swung into the box but May does well, Clarets on the counter-attack Ian Moore is away - great chance for Moore, got pulled back, but continued on with the ball - he shoots! Ohh, just hit it wide of the far post! Another great chance for the Clarets, Moore's pace causing problems.
16' Ball swung by McEveley towards Weller but Clark headed it away.
16' Clarets under pressure at the back, May gives it to Jensen, who skillfully beats his man! Confidence from Jensen as he skipped by his man, eventually clears it well over halfway.
18' Ball inside for Mansfield, Christie turns nicely and falls to the floor in the box - but the referee gives it the other way, a Burnley free-kick.
18' Weller getting down the right, tries to win a corner but wins a throw, it was good defending from the Stags.
19' Blake trying to beat his man, but loses out, Chaplow wins the ball back - Blake caught just offside.
20' Burnley coming forward now through Weller who waits for support and gets it from Roche - but he eventually loses out.
21' Blake twisting and turning down the right, wins a corner - Burnley's 3rd. Blake will take it, aimed towards Weller who can't win it.
22' Chadwick inside the area, feeds May who gets a good cross in and it was a good save from Pilkington - it was a cross come shot and the 'keeper needed to be alert there.
23' Hassell gets back and mugs Chadwick for the ball as he looked certain to fire off a shot - Chaplow can't win the crums.
24' A real let off for the Clarets, McGregor made an error - he let it bounce then tried to recover - made the lunge on Mendez in the box and got away with it when he appeared to catch his man. A real let off there for Burnley.
26' Lawrence caught, and the Stags' fans cheer at the referee's decision to award a free kick.
27' Chadwick gets away, and a real chance for Burnley but Chadwick's pass was poor on his left foot and it goes behind everyone.
28' Weller skips by his man, but runs it out of play eventually.
29' McEveley knocks a rotten ball back for Jensen who nearly hit the clearance into the attacker.
30' GOAL FOR BURNLEY! Superb cross from McEveley, steaming down from Left-back and Ian Moore was there to nod it home via keeper and via post. 1-0 Burnley.
31' Lawrence whips in a ball for the Stags but it's well over hit and eludes everyone.
32' McEveley under pressure at the back, has to concede a corner under pressure. Corner in, headed away by McGregor - out for a throw on the other side.
34' Clarets in some strife at the back, but it's headed away well by May and he averts any danger.
35' Great work from Blake, has players in support inside for Chaplow about to pull the trigger and he was fouled! Well no he wasn't, as he was about to shoot he was upended but the referee, perhaps making up for the error at the other end, opted not to give a penalty. 1-1 on the penalty count now then.
36' Jensen collects a cross and rolls it out quickly, Clarets continually bombing forward now.
38' Grant fouls his man, Williamson hits the ball in and Weller nods it clear. Chaplow makes a mess of his clearance and it goes back towards the Clarets goal. Cleared again by May.
39' Roche getting down the right tries to cross but it was blocked, comes back to him, knocks a ball inside for Grant who was fouled. Free-kick to Burnley, McGregor wins the header but it comes to nothing.
40' McEveley penalised for a handball, rather harsh decision. Williamson, swung in a ball - Clarke IS OFF! Well Jensen came for the ball, Clarke absolutely decked Jensen and Mansfield are down to 10 men! It was an ugly challenge, but thought is that it was quite harsh, to send him off.
42' Lawrence booked also for dissent.
42' May also booked for dissent (unconfirmed)
43' Change made for Mansfield, didn't catch it - will clarify it at half time but the Stags have gone 4-4-1.
44' Corner for Mansfield, collected by Jensen despite being fouled blatantly again.
45' 2 minutes of time added on.
46' Flick on from Weller, Blake caught offside.
47' Free-kick for Mansfield right at the death. Williamson swings it in, and it's gone in! Day's scored. OH! The referee has disallowed it! Foul by Day on May (it rhymes!). How about that for a turn of luck. No whinging any more.
Half Time. 1-0 Burnley
Second Half
Burnley get the second half underway.
Mansfield making a change - Corden coming on for Christie.
45' Ball immediately out for a throw from the kick-off.
45' Mendez caught offside.
46' Ian Moore caught offside now.
46' Corden tries to get a cross in blocked by Roche.
47' Ball in from the left, McGregor heads it away from almost under the crossbar.
47' Moore caught, falls to the ground but the referee didn't see it - Ternent is furious.
49' Burnley intercept the ball, and try to get forward but it comes through to Pilkington and the Stags' keeper clears.
50' Grant plays a nice ball for Chadwick, but Hassell got back just in time to knock it back to Pilkington.
51' Blake shovelled it on for Chadwick but Buxton made a superb challenge just as the Man Utd loan player was about to pull the trigger. Buxton was the sub, unsure who went off earlier in the first half.
52' Cross in from Corden, header from Lawrence but a FANTASTIC save from Jensen, just tipped it over the bar. Lawrence swung in a ball, falls for Mendez - shoots and it's blocked.
53' Williamson plays a ball into the box and headed away by McEveley.
53' Clarets on the counter attack, Chadwick with a good run, cut inside had a shot which was deflected and then well collected by the 'keeper.
54' Blake got by two men, had a shot and just angled it wide - quality from Blake there.
54' Roche challenged Mendez well, got back really well, an impressive challenge.
56' Mansfield on the attack with Corden, but his ball in is no good and it goes out for a throw out on the outer side.
56' Lawrence on the turn for the Stags, fired a shot... but it was straight at Jensen fortunately.
57' McEveley is in serious trouble here, fell very awkwardly as he tried to keep the ball in. Blake looks distraught. Possibly has dislocated his knee? He's in real trouble here, this looks like a terrible injury - possibly to his knee. The other Clarets look absoultely distraught - McGregor attempting to stop him looking at his knee.
59' Camara will come on for McEveley, let's hope the young lad will be alright.
60' Chadwick coming forward, looked to win a corner but it wasn't given, instead a goalkick to Mansfield Town.
62' Moore just catches his man, it was Lawrence - the crowd irate but it seems to be something from nothing.
63' Chaplow given as offside, and it was a terrible offside decision! Weller ran through, and hit the post (AGAIN) anyway, but it was a wretched decision.
64' Blake booked for dissent.
64' Curtis on the turn fired a shot over the bar.
65' Ball in from Weller, a good cross but Hassell did ever so well to head it away.
67' Chaplow in very strongly on Curtis, and Richard Chaplow is in some trouble here in more ways than one - could be booked - hurt his shoulder as well though. Chaplow is in fact booked.
68' Chaplow OK.
70' Williamson through for Mansfield, but Blake of all players got back - lucky to get away with it, might have caught his man there but there weren't any protests.
72' Dimech is sent off! Pulled Ian Moore down when he was through, and the referee has no choice here. Chance for Burnley from the free-kick. SAVED by Pilkington but here's MOOOORE!! GOAL!! AND IT'S 2-0! MOORE HIT HOME THE REBOUND.
73' Camara booked for unsporting behaviour.
74' Oh dear, and Chaplow sent off - he kicked the ball away a matter of inches after a free-kick was conceded, and earnt himself a second yellow.
75' Clarets attack comes to an end, on the counter attack from the failed Stags' free-kick.
77' Corner for Mansfield some how, apologies - I'm trying to keep up. Comes to nothing, headed away though.
78' Alan Moore coming on for Chadwick.
80' Pilkington clears well with Ian Moore bearing down on him, for his hat-trick.
81' A Moore passes to Blake neatly gets a return and makes a mess of the secondrey pass - well... the first one was good!
82' Mendez, turns well and fires a shot, but straight at Jensen.
83' Good chance for Burnley, Weller was through but elected to hold it up for support, eventually got it from Blake who fired his shot high and wide.
84' I Moore whipped in a cross, which was well headed by Curtis, fell for Grant - who shot well over the bar.
85' Artell on for Curtis for Mansfield.
86' Camara got away down the left, tried to find Ian Moore but he couldn't - cut out well at the back.
87' Moore caught offside.
88' Blake, with Weller in support, cuts inside, tries the shot... but it goes wide. Worth a do though.
89' May takes a knock to the ribs, the ball ends up in the Clarets net, but play had long stopped.
89' Lawrence whips in a ball, header from Artell wasn't good and cleared by McGregor.
90' 3 minutes of time added on.
91' Blake found some space a nice turn and Pilkington made a good save low down to his right.
92' Blake in some space, had Ian Moore in space - made an excellent run, but he gave it to Roche inside who hit his first time shot well over the bar.
93' Long ball from Pilkington, collected by Jensen.
Full Time. Burnley win 2-0 and find themselves in the hat for tomorrow's 1 PM draw.

Pre-Match Notes:
Alan Moore makes a return to action, and earns a spot on the bench.
Ternent has had enough of the mayhem at the back - dropping West, Camara and Branch for McEveley, Roche and McGregor.

Clarke (Mansfield) SENT OFF for Serious Foul Play
42' Lawrence (Mansfield) BOOKED for dissent in the aftermath of the sending off.
42' May (Burnley) BOOKED for dissent, unconfirmed however
42' Buxton on for Disley for Mansfield
45' Corden coming on for Christie for Mansfield
59' McEveley off for Camara (injury)
64' Blake (Burnley) booked for dissent.
67' Chaplow (Burnley) booked for unsporting behaviour.
72' Dimech sent off for unsporting behaviour - was the last man.
73' Camara (Burnley) booked for unsporting behaviour
74' Chaplow off (second yellow) for dissent)
85' Artell on for Curtis for Mansfield (tactical)
78' A Moore coming on for Chadwick (tactical)