Clarets LIVE - Burnley V West Brom from Turf Moor

Last updated : 17 January 2004 By Ben Slater
Current Score:

Burnley 1-1 West Brom [Full Time]

(Blake '68 - Horsfield '73, Hulse s/o '27)

Turf Moor
Clarets are LIVE from Turf Moor to you this afternoon

Text Commentary:
1' May immediately put under the pump and sent it clear.
1' Great interception from Camara, caught the Baggies on the break but is closed down and the ball goes out for a Burnley throw-in.
2' Blake swings in a ball from long range and Hoult collects with ease, had plenty of time and space.
3' Little caught in posession, May eventually heads back cleverly to Jensen.
4' Blake finds Chadwick with a good ball down the right, eventually puts in a ball and it wasn't bad, but eludes Little flying in at the back stick.
4' Just at the moment, Branch down the left hand side and Little through the middle, that's an interesting one.
5' Cross in from the wide right for Johnson who was offside, but the ball went out for a goal-kick anyway.
5' Haas in very strongly on Blake after losing out to Branch, referee has strong words for the Baggies full back.
6' Long ball forward, dealt with by McGregor at the back and hooked clear on the left foot.
7' Moore chests it down for Blake but the Claret number 8 just closed out in the end.
7' Little receives the ball via Chadwick and fancied a shot, was blocked and then tried to feed a ball back to Chadwick but he couldn't collect the pass.
9' Jensen does well and puts a long ball for Moore with Horsfield applying some pressure.
10' Chadwick caught in posession by Chambers, Baggies come forward.
10' Offside claim by the Clarets, not given, real chance for Horsfield - Jensen makes the block, and a good save it was too from close range and the Baggies will be disappointed with that.
11' Johnson in strongly on Grant, but the referee opts to penalise Grant strangely - despite Grant coming away with it, poor decision by Nigel Miller.
12' Gaardsoe penalised for pushing Little.
13' Grant takes a bang to the head, he collided with Gregan - the referee forced to stop play. Flat on his back on the halfway line. He'll be alright though.
14' No Nay Never ringing out around the ground for the first time in a while, the crowd are up for it today.
15' May knocks the drop-ball back to Hoult in a sporting manner.
15' Gregan in some space, a ball for Horsfield and McGregor hastily screws it away for a corner. Comes to nothing, Darren Moore posing a threat though.
17' Grant in strongly diving in, didn't win the ball and going into the book - somewhat softly however, Grant booked despite Robinson speaking on his behalf.
18' Camara on the by-line, trying to get a ball in he's spooned it high - Clarets eventually win a throw-in. Good run from Camara, interesting that Grant moved to left-back while Camara made the run.
20' Ball from Little to Blake cut out when the Clarets were in a good position.
21' Foul by D Moore on I Moore, Blake will take a shot here. Blake, shoots... oh and a good effort, bent it around but couldn't come back far enough and just shaved the post.
22' Speculative effort from Hulse from long range goes well over the bar.
23' Long ball forward by Hoult after Darren Moore appeared to be all over Ian Moore, nearly let Hulse in but the striker couldn't collect the ball.
24' Break for West Brom, here's Horsfield, another great chance, one on one here, great work from Jensen came and knocked it away with his body as the ball just eluded the Albion striker.
25' Clarets on a swift counter attack, ball in Branch just about gets on the end of it, corner. Ball in, May wins the header but it goes wide. Promising stuff, but an open game.
26' Chadwick with a chance to get a ball in, and he does, but it's poor - West Brom counter-attack.
26' Little fouled, just took a knock to the knee.
27' Hulse in terribly on his man - he's in real trouble here, HE'S OFF! HULSE HAS BEEN SENT OFF!! Jumped into his man (McGregor?) with his elbow raised and seemed to be no question about it. Top scorer for Albion, and well - a real chance for Burnley now.
29' Roche working hard, battles back to win a ball he'd lost, then got caught. This is a niggling game.
31' Clement surging forward for West Brom, fired in a low shot at Jensen's near post and it was an excellent save, made it look so easy too.
31' Eventually the flag goes up for offside against the Baggies striker.
32' Clarets attack comes to nothing as the ball was headed back to Hoult by Haas.
33' Chadwick on a run, trying to feed it to Blake, instead it comes inside for Grant and he tries a cross which Hoult collects under his crossbar.
34' Corner to West Brom. Swung in low to the near post, away by Little and then away by May. Burnley defended well then.
35' Blake, being man marked by Chambers, feeds McGregor and the Clarets rebuild around the back.
36' Little trying to get away from his man. He was fouled, free-kick taken quickly, Clarets retain possession.
37' Ball for Haas from about 30 yards, good tackle from May.
38' Backpass! Darren Moore passed it back to Hoult, and he picked it up. Indirect free-kick, hit by Blake, came to nothing. Roche swung in a ball, McGregor headed wide. Decent effort from Macca.
40' Ball inside the box, bobbling all around - Grant tries a shot it was blocked, but possibly by hand, referee says play on. Comes to nothing.
42' Blake snapped by Johnson, a two-footed lunge apparently. No card though. Have to wonder if it was that bad really...
43' Cross in from the free-kick, caught by Hoult easily.
44' Camara caught out of position there, Johnson found himself in a lot of space but fortunately for Burnley Little was on hand to cover.
45' Camara again caught out of position, chasing back, long shot comes in and goes well over the bar.
45' 3 minutes of time added on.
47' Cross in from Roche, won well in the air by Branch but his looping header never troubled the target.
48' Ball in from Camara, Blake got on the end of it and away from Chambers, only directed it to Hoults hands.
49' Foul by McGregor in the D.
49' Shot came from Clement, gave it a crack but it went wide.
Half Time: Burnley 0-0 West Brom
Second Half
West on for Chadwick
45' Gregan jumping into West (now playing central midfield).
46' Ball forward for Burnley, McGregor couldn't collect Grant with the shot, and typically over the bar.
47' Roche fouled his man, when a corner was imminent.
49' Burnley do really well at the back, defenders closing out Horsfield to win the ball.
50' Real chance for West Brom, Horsfield, brilliant run, gets by McGregor, gets away from May, ABSOLUTELY SPANKS a shot and he hit the post! Jensen beaten, and 'the other team' hit the post for once.
51' McGregor caught out, Clement with another great chance but he just knocked it too far and Jensen cleared.
51' Clement againt coming forward but it's Blake this time getting back.
52' Horsfield, weaving some magic in the last few moments got by May and West but then lost control and Jensen eventually cleared.
53' McGregor into the book for a foul on Horsfield.
53' Johnson, collides with West but wins a free-kick.
54' Gaardsoe takes the free-kick, Horsfield won the header and cleared by Little in the end.
55' Poor ball in from Grant for West and Hoult collects.
55' May fouled by Horsfield in the air.
55' Clement, skipped by May, knocked a ball to Horsfield but McGregor was in ever so well to win the ball.
56' Branch, with a lovely ball finds Roche, almost a stalemate, as described by Phil Bird.
57' Ball from Camara, Hoult comes, he won't get there, where is it, it's the air... Roche! No, can't get his shot away, Little, Branch - he'll hit this ooh he skied it. A great chance for Burnley then.
59' Horsfield into the book for some reason, when it seemed Blake was in trouble.
60' Robinson with a rank tackle on Little, free-kick to Burnley.
61' Corner for Burnley, Camara got a cross in and Chambers, marking Blake got the header away. Ball in from Robbie Blake, headed away with ease by the Baggies.
62' Camara, on to Branch, finding Grant now, across to West, who puts in a ball, Hoult just about deals with it.
63' Corner for Burnley, May causing problems when forward. Easy catch from the corner for Hoult.
65' Ball inside from the right, eludes Moore's Darren and Ian and then Branch.
66' Clement, in space now, two Clarets collide...disaster! It'll fall for an unmarked Horsfield...good save from Jensen! Block from close range, the Beast bailed us out there big time.
68' BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE! GOAL FOR BURNLEY! Turn and shot from Blake, possibly taken a deflection, it crawled in... He's embarrassed him at the Hawthorns, now he's embarrassed Hoult here - and the only time he's got away from Chambers.
69' Branch concedes a free-kick, Clarets have to defend. Comes to nothing though for West Brom.
70' Good work from Roche and Little, got it to Blake, working hard in the corner but he's going to have to go back - Burnley keep possession.
71' Baggies set to make a change, Lloyd Dyer - reportedly very very quick across the ground - coming on for Bernt Haas.
72' Little, trying to capitalise on defensive mistake, cross in and good catch from Hoult.
73' It's 1-1 Horsfield scores for West Brom. Sprung the offside trap, didn't work again for the Clarets, Geoff Horsfield beats the gallant Jensen in a one-on-one situation and now it's one-one.
75' Surging run from Little, who got a cross in, looking for Branch but it was collected well by Hoult.
77' Johnson with a cross in for Horsfield, can't win it and May headed it away.
77' Grant penalised for a foul, despite winning the ball. Shot in, Jensen scrambled it away.
78' Branch off for Alan Moore.
80' Ball falls in the middle of the park for Clement, Little goes in well and wins the ball, but apparently that means free-kick to West Brom today. Miller having a howler. Free-kick came to nothing.
81' Blake does really well and gets past Darren Moore, wins a corner. McGregor very nearly got on the end of it. Cleared.
Attendance: 13,800+ Excellent, simply excellent.
82' Great challenge from Roche, got back really well.
83' Free-kick against May on the edge of the area - dodgy decision again.
84' Free-kick in from Clement, Roche heads it away in the wall.
85' Another infringement given against Burnley, officials have been terrible. This time Ian Moore penalised.
86' West tries a long ball, but headed back to Hoult by Robinson.
87' Offside against West Brom.
87' Darren Moore going off, Kinsella coming on, signed for Albion this week.
88' Horsfield offside again.
89' Brian Jensen named sponsor's man of the match.
90' Clarets putting themselves under pressure at the back with some slack mistakes, May clears.
91' Little, ball in BLAKE! Deflected wide for a corner. Comes to nothing. Clarets with it still in there.
92' Blake, turns SHOOTS! GREAT EFFORT... but Hoult, Hoult made a fantastic save.
93' Camara does well to quash an Albion counter attack... Burnley so close to a winner there.
93' Burnley win a free-kick, ball in from Blake, May there and can't win it and JUST eludes Moore.
Full Time: Burnley 1-1 West Brom

Pre-Match Notes:
Chaplow is missing, now serving his one-match ban for his dismissal at Mansfield.
Gnohere unable to shake of his Hamstring niggle and fails to make the squad.
Weller out with what is believed to be a hamstring strain, Branch in.
New signing Nathan Abbey is on the bench.
For Brom, Kinsella is on the bench, and Hulse is set to partner Horsfield up front with Sakiri making way.
Albion have only won one