Clarets LIVE - Burnley V Coventry City from Turf Moor

Last updated : 13 December 2003 By Ben Slater
Final Score:

Burnley 1-2 Coventry City (Blake '54 - Suffo '7, Weller '40[og]) [FT]


LIVE Commentary:

Coventry will get us underway.
1' Little in there early, ball gets caught under his feet but the Clarets still with a chance to come forward and they do - Blake runs into his man but finds Roche, eventually comes to nothing.
2' Camara with a good looking ball inside for Weller but it's well cut out by the Coventry backmen. Clarets win themselves a throw.
2' Little skins his man, gets a ball in, excellent work by Super, can it fall for Moore? No it can't, falls for Weller though but oh, just scooped it wide. Leant back and missed under pressure from perhaps about 4 yards.
3' Coventry looking to build something but nothing happening for them, and Jensen collects comfortably.
4' Little, with sensational stuff on the wing, magical stuff - a double dummy and his ball in is deflected wide for a corner. Ball in by Blake from the corner, it's cleared - but comes to Chadwick, the Man Utd loan player hits his shot well over the bar.
5' Weller appears to be playing Chaplow's role in this one.
5' Clarets win a free-kick, Camara fouled.
6' Gnohere with a long ball to clear the lines, unfortunately Ian Moore has just been caught offisde.
6' Weller working hard, wins a throw for Burnley. Ball long and Davenport wins the header, he'll be strong in the air today for Coventry at the back.
7' Long throw taken by Coventry, around the D - ball still around, and Suffo pulls the trigger and scores I'm afraid. Crept in at the near post for Jensen who was notably slow to get down. Made a bright start but we find ourselves down.
8' Little surging forward, playing well tried to chop it back for Moore but cut out and went out for a corner for Burnley. Blake takes, Weller's looping header well over the bar.
10' Coventry with another chance coming forward, Burnley working hard at the back but they concede a throw in doing so. Ball in, but Chadwick clears easilty for the Clarets.
11' Burnley coming forward now, Camara chopped down by Whing - play continues as we have the advantage, Blake wins a corner. And he'll take that corner. Goes short for Little, gives it Blake, whipped in ball and the header from Camara - just over the bar.
13' Gnohere fouls Morrell, and the Sky Blues with a chance to swing one in. Warnock tries to keep it in, but it's gone out - and a goalkick to Burnley.
14' Ball in for Coventry again, but cleared and Little gets away now, looking for support and gets it from Camara who loses out unfortunately.
15' McGregor just catches Suffo, and they have themselves another free-kick. Ball in for Konjic and it goes harmlessly behind for a goal-kick to Burnley.
17' Burnley lairising a little, and they lose out, Coventry now with a chance to come forward but McGregor nods it clear.
17' Clarets attack comes to nothing, Ward collects Little's loose long ball intended for Camara.
18' Suffo, gets away from McGregor, and manages to get a ball in and it's cleared and out for a throw-in.
19' Roche overhits a long ball, Ward collects.
20' Chadwick with a lovely ball for Little, who has options including Camara and Blake - Davenport with the tackle and Clarets win a corner. Corner is cleared but Burnley still in possession. Little with a ball in for Moore, but it goes over everyone's head and away.
21' Suffo penalised for a handball, after Davenport beat Blake to the ball.
21' Weller with a nice turn, feeds it to Roche who has his cross blocked out for a throw.
22' McGregor couldn't take the ball on the run, and it rolls out for a goal-kick.
23' Free-kick to Coventry, given for nothing in particular so it seems.
23' Moore coming forward now, Davenport slides in well and puts it out for a throw.
24' Chadwick tries to swing a ball in, and Staunton catches Chadwick as he played the ball. Near the corner flag, Blake will take - McGregor is there and he tried to turn and hit it and but it doesn't fall. Free-kick comes to nothing.
24' Little hacked down. Blake swings in the resulting free-kick, McGregor with the header but it goes wide. An unlikely source for Clarets attack.
25' Roche manages to stab the ball away, still falls for Coventry. Staunton eventually takes a shot but it curls well wide and out for a goal-kick.
26' Flicked on by Blake, and Davenport puts the ball clear - only out for a corner. Blake to Chadwick, and gets it back, ball in and Little with the header, easy catch for Ward.
27' Little tries to get by Doyle, but he can't - wins a corner however. We have to make one of these corners count. Blake swings it in for Weller, flicked away, and Blake with it back, but he takes it out of play for a goal-kick unfortunately.
28' Moore working hard, gets the ball back to Camara under pressure, ball inside, Grant in space - has a shot and it's deflected wide for another corner. Blake with the ball in, and Morrell heads it away. Little now, gets by Jackson, feeds Blake - nice ball in but it won't fall and the ball is cleared as Grant clatters Suffo.
30' Little coming away now, looking for Moore Konjic clears it for a throw-in and grabs for his hamstring in doing so.
30' Moore caught offside.
31' Grant finds Little who tried to give it back, but he's over-elaborate with that and possession is lost.
32' Morrell finds Jackson for Staunton, and his ball in is cleared by McGregor, the Clarets counter. Comes to nothing though after a neat one-touch passing more. Moore couldn't make more of it.
33' Weller fouled by Manzouri, free-kick to Burnley. Gnohere tried to play the ball in, but Moore can't win it.
34' Morrell got there before McGregor, about to shoot but Mark got back to make a good block at the last second.
35' Little pulls his man back there, it was Warnock. Staunton with the ball in, but there was a whistle and Davenport was fouling his man.
36' Flicked on by Ian Moore, Blake now - with a shot! Oh and a good one indeed, well saved by Ward. Corner to Burnley, cleared. Blake's shot going in the bottom left with the left peg and palmed wide. A good save.
37' Jensen comes and collects a loose ball well, and thumps it long.
37' Corner to Burnley again after Chadwick's shot was blocked. 9-0 is the corner count. Little back to Blake from the corner, the latter tries to go too far, gets it back but loses out a second time.
38' Roche, feeds Little but he's knocked it too far and that'll go behind for a goal-kick.
40' Suffo, feeds Doyle, who finds Whing, Burnley clear momentarily but not for long and the ball comes in and it's a goal again! It's Paul Weller!!! Yes, an OWN-GOAL, as he stooped and powered a header past Jensen, as good a header as you'll see. 2-0 Coventry.
41' McGregor turned by Morrell, back to Warnock, and the ball in is collected well by Brian Jensen.
42' Little, finds Camara, in turn to Blake - great work, Blake hammers a ball in and headed behind for a corner for Burnley.
43' Another corner for Burnley, Ward carries it out - Blake's shot was deflected. Ball is cleared from the corner.
43' Little booked for collecting his man after the ball had gone, and he'll miss the Stoke game.
43' Konjic off for Shaw (Injury)
45' Gnohere does well to head back to Jensen to avert further danger.
45' Little gets by Staunton, but caught. Gets away with it though does the former Liverpool player.
46' Poor ball in by Blake, Roche loses out - Suffo on the counter, shoots and deflected to Doyle and a FANTASTIC save from Jensen from point blank range off Doyle.
45' Gnohere does well to head back to Jensen to avert further danger.
45' Little gets by Staunton, but caught. Gets away with it though does the former Liverpool player.
46' Poor ball in by Blake, Roche loses out - Suffo on the counter, shoots and deflected to Doyle and a FANTASTIC save from Jensen from point blank range off Doyle.
Half Time
May on for McGregor. And Roche off for West
46' Blake coming forward wins a throw-in. Comes to nothing.
48' Blake swings in a free-kick, and Burnley win another corner.
49' Coventry with a chance to break, Whing now with it, Little gets back and superb work from Little who knocks a good ball clear out of defence.
51' Working hard now are Burnley, but our moves us just breaking down.
51' Little wins the ball and knocks a ball inside and chested away by the defender.
52' Coventry on the attack, but Weller gets back well.
53' Little caught by Doyle as he tried to skin his man. Blake will take the free-kick from the edge of the area. Can't be won in the air, comes back by Grant lovely ball for Blake... now looking for the shot! GOAAAL FOR BURNLEY! Stunning strike from Mr.Blake, thundered a left foot shot into the back of the net and come on Burnley!
54' Commentary cut - Returns at '56
56' Free-kick to Burnley, on the edge of the area again. Blake's ball in headed away from Shaw.
56' Clarets have been sensational early, inclusive of Little who's trickery is on show this afternoon.
57' West catches his man, and gets a talking to from the referee.
57' LOVELY throw from Jensen, Clarets surging forward now though, through Camara, looking for West back for Grant, shot deflected but an offside flag?
58' Commentary Cut - Returns at '59
59' Blake will take the free-kick. Swung in for Gnohere, but it's cleared by Coventry.
61' Burnley working hard, and have been explosive in the second half. Chadwick feeds Gnohere, who fancies a run, knocks it for West who tried to get it to Blake but that's cut out - Little eventually loses out.
62' Gnohere goes in hard and catches his man, and earns himself a yellow.
63' Free-kick for City goes beyond everybody and out for a goal-kick.
64' Another free-kick to Coventry as Weller fouls his man. Cross in for Suffo goes well wide, and no problems for Jensen.
65' Chadwick cutting inside his man now and Burnley coming forward in a flowing move, Little a ball back inside a good one too but it just evades everyone, except Weller who touches it to Grant, but he skied it.
66' Blake picks up the loose ball, gives it to Chadwick, but it comes to nothing.
66' Gnohere with a superb ball looking for Little, but the talisman couldn't collect it.
67' Ball in for Coventry City and it's Davenport with a header! GREAT SAVE From Jensen who just got back and tipped it over the bar. Corner, cleared, ball back in and cleared for a second time.
68' Morrell running into the box, good tackle from Gnohere, and Arthur got pulled back as he looked to come away with it.
69' Burnley just playing it around well at the back, playing some possession and the long ball eventually from West was poor.
70' Good stuff for Burnley, Little now trying to get by Staunton and again he was upended. Blake whips the ball in, nobody can win it - Little now, has his cross blocked, his second cross is headed away by Davenport.
71' Grant, spins in a circle and feeds Camara, Coventry manage to come away with it and May does well to knock it out.
72' Jensen finds Camara, but the ball finds it's way to Ward for Coventry at the back.
73' Morrell comes off for Adebola, McEveley comes on for Chadwick for a debut.
74' Moore looking to cut inside Davenport and there's a bit of a tussle for the ball, ref finally gives it to Coventry - could have been a penalty though.
75' Starts to rain again in Burnley, Burnley trying to come forward now, Camara gives it Grant who gives it to West in midfield, McEveley now, trying to get a ball in and it's blocked for a corner. Blake with the ball in, McEveley flicks it on but it comes to nothing.
77' Gnohere makes an error at the back, lets Doyle in, feeds Adebola but his shot goes well wide.
78' Little on the run trying to get it to Moore but it's not happening for Ian at the moment and he can't keep it in here.
78' Suffo got clear, Camara comes accross to cover and does really well to get it clear.
78' Pead comes on for Suffo.
79' Camara makes a mistake, turns it over in defence - Jensen has to come, heads it out, chasing it to the line and belts it into the Bob Lord.
80' May fouls Jackson, and a good chance here for Coventry. Staunton has a decent crack, and it just skims the bar, Jensen scrambling.
82' Coventry turn it over as they try to come forward, Whing hit his shot into his own man.
83' Adebola with a ball in, Camara clears awkwardly.
83' Staunton booked for time wasting.
84' McEveley, with a great ball for Blake, who finds Camara - great chance for him but ohhh he missed it. He was absolutely clattered after he missed it, but no penalty. Camara on the left wing now.
85' Little penalised for a foul, even though Warnock appeared to scythe down Little... don't know what went on then.
86' Chance for Camara, but doesn't fall for him again and it's cleared.
Attendance 10,358.
87' May has it, to West, goes back to May now Grant, wins a throw-in - not really happening for the Clarets.
88' Gnohere loses out, Coventry with a break now, but May gets back and does well. Corner, in and out for a goal-kick.
89' Adebola caught offside for City.
89' Davenport heads it away, Burnley still coming at Coventry. 15th corner for Burnley, Blake with it, squared for Grant, now McEveley with a great cross, headed away. Burnley applying the pressure, May caught in possession as Adebola comes away with it.
90' 3 minutes of added time.
Commentary has cut
93' Gnohere has been sent off, just caught his man. Unsure whether it was a second Yellow or a straight red, I'm assuming it's a second Yellow, and just moments after he was named the sponsor's man of the match.
Full Time: Burnley 1-2 Coventry
I'm not sure they deserved that...

Pre-Match Notes:
May returns but only to the bench.
Moore is skipper again.
The referee, in 18 games has booked 89 players... look out.
McEveley is in the side and on the bench.

Starting Line-ups:


Brian Jensen
Lee Roche >>>'45
Mark McGregor >>> '45
Arthur Gnohere OFF '93
Mo Camara
Glen Little
Paul Weller
12 Tony Grant
Luke Chadwick >>>'73
Robbie Blake ('54)
Ian Moore

David May <<<'45
15 Dean West <<< '45
Jay McEveley <<< '73
Matty O'Neill
Joel Pilkington


Coventry City

Gavin Ward
Andrew Whing
4 Mo Konjic >>> '43
Calum Davenport
Steve Staunton
Micky Doyle
Yazid Manzouri
Johnnie Jackson
Stephen Warnock
Patrick Suffo ('7) >>> '78
Andy Morrell >>>'73

1 Scott Shearer
7 Craig Pead <<< '78
Richard Shaw <<< '43
Dele Adebola <<< '73
Dean Gordon