Youth Team miss out

Last updated : 25 February 2002 By Tony Scholes

To get into the top three we needed to beat Tranmere on Saturday and hope that Wigan didn't get a good result.
Neither happened for us unfortunately as we lost heavily at Tranmere whilst Wigan had a convincing win against Bury.

They were the only games played on Saturday and the results were:

Burnley 1 Tranmere Rovers 4 (played at Tranmere)
Bury 0 Wigan Athletic 3
Rochdale v Blackpool – Match Postponed.

This means the Clarets will now go into a league further down and will be alongside Bradford City, Shrewsbury Town and Mansfield Town.

Sadly it is clear that some teams do not take youth football quite seriously enough. With the first games in August and only sixteen league games to fit in only three clubs have fulfilled their fixtures, Tranmere, Preston and Wigan the top three.

We missed out on a game against Rochdale who failed to play three and Blackpool missed four of their games, yes 25%.

Recently both chairman Barry Kilby and Stan have been talking loudly about the need to move our youth system on and get academy status. This farce of a league only stresses that need even further. It is neither Barry's nor Stan's fault that we are way behind in terms of youth development but we really do need to be moving on and moving on quickly away from the Rochdales and the Blackpools who can't even get their games played.

We are unable to bring you any details of the defeat on Saturday, some 48 hours after the game was played neither club has seen fit to release any information. I just wonder whether any of the clubs in this league really do take youth football seriously.

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