You are damaging our club

Last updated : 03 February 2003 By Tony Scholes

Last season it was from the lower tier of the Harry Potts Longside, the most disturbing being the occasion that Sheffield Wednesday’s Marlon Broomes was stretchered off. This time though it was from the lower tier of the Jimmy Mac and was all because Reading goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann was wasting time.

One supporter today put the blame onto referee Roy Pearson saying, "If he had done his job in the first place and got the keeper to get a move on it wouldn't have happened."

But Pearson wasn’t to blame and neither was Hahnemann, the only people to blame were those throwing the objects. Had it been the other way round and Marlon had been wasting time away from home then we would have just about been encouraging it.

There were a selection of items thrown at Reading’s American keeper including a pie, sandwiches, an empty plastic bottle and coins. He reported it to the referee who will now report it to the Football Association.

This could quite easily result in Burnley Football Club being fined and having to lose money that can ill afford to be lost right now. It is unlikely any further action would be taken but if this problem persists then we could certainly find ourselves in more serious trouble.

Clarets Mad makes a plea to those responsible to consider their actions and to refrain from any repeat in the future no matter what the provocation and asks that anyone seeing anything to report it to a steward or the club.

Burnley Football Club have today issued the following statement condemning the actions of the group of individuals in the lower tier of the Jimmy McIlroy Stand (it appeared on the club’s official site) and we are more than happy to reproduce it here. Please read it and help the club if you can.

The incident took place in the second half of the match, when a number of missiles were thrown onto the pitch, some of them in close proximity of the Reading goalkeeper. The Referee is reporting the incident and the club will take action against those responsible.

This type of behaviour is completely unacceptable and may result in the club receiving a heavy fine and other penalties.

The club is making every effort to identify the person(s) responsible and anyone with any information who witnessed these actions should contact Alex Wood, Ground Safety Officer, immediately on 01282 700000.