York City get stay of execution

Last updated : 16 January 2003 By Tony Scholes

Things were looking bleak for the club with a 12:00 noon deadline today for offers to the administrators but new came through that there has been one confirmed offer and another on its way that could not make the initial deadline.

Whilst progress moves on this it is where the supporters come in and the York City Supporters Trust will fund the club for the next two weeks.

The following Press Statement has been released by David Willis of York City's administrators Jacksons Jolliffe Cork, regarding the future of the Club.

I can confirm that one firm offer has been received for the business and assets of YCFC. In addition, I have received a commitment from a second interested party, that they intend to submit an offer, but have been unable to comply with the deadline.

At present I am unable to disclose the identities of either party.

The offer received is subject to a number of conditions, some of which are beyond the direct control of the Administrator, therefore over the course of the next 48 hours, we will assess the viability of the offer and speak to the other interested party involved.

If an acceptable offer can be negotiated it is likely that the legal work to conclude a sale may take between two and four weeks. The identity of any purchaser will only be disclosed when a sale is concluded.

A representative from the YCFC Supporters Trust has confirmed the Trust's commitment to provide funding to enable the club to continue to trade whilst attempts are made to conclude a sale.

The club can only trade beyond the Swansea match with the commitment of external funding being made available.

Unfortunately we cannot clarify the matter any further at this point, but we will keep all parties informed as matters proceed.

We urge all fans of YCFC to show their continued support by attending the Swansea game on Saturday.

The obvious requirement out of control of the administrators is the purchase of the ground Bootham Crescent which was transferred from York City to a company called Bootham Crescent Holdings by former Chairman Douglas Craig.

There is no doubt that it is this man Craig who has put the club in their current perilous position.

Burnley supporting Chairman John Batchelor said,

"It's exceptionally good news. It's at least a lifeline in these desperate times. It's a delight that there is at least some way forward.

"The deal will involve the purchase of the ground - which is good news because that made life very difficult for us - and a substantial cash injection into the club.

"The funding from the Supporters' Trust, may lead to further interest. It may be that other offers will land post the first deadline."

So for now thankfully another club has been spared and boosts the hopes that no club will be lost during this bleak time for the game.

This weekend Tom Cowan will line up for York with skipper Chris Brass sat injured with both of them at least knowing that there is going to be a game the week after.

Best wishes to York City from Clarets Mad