Will we play tonight?

Last updated : 26 February 2002 By Tony Scholes

Whatever the reasons last week and whatever really happened as eye witnesses told a different story than the club one thing for certain is that right now on the morning of the game the weather is probably worse than it was this time last week.

To be honest if the pitch was unfit last week then it surely will be unfit now although they have put the covers on earlier this time. The covers went on yesterday rather than was the case last week when they didn't go on until the day of the game.

The club have said that the covers will be left on as late as possible but surely they won't make the same mistake again and find themselves having to postpone the game around an hour before kick off.

There has at this stage been no suggestion of an inspection but if there is any doubt at all then surely it needs to be conducted in the afternoon at the latest to try and prevent people travelling as was the case last week.