Wigan at it again

Last updated : 08 December 2004 By Tony Scholes

They recently made two ridiculous offers for Robbie Blake that were turned down by Burnley but not only that we told them that Robbie was not for sale. Now somehow Jewell & Warris Whelan don’t seem to have worked that one out.

Apparently Jewell has decided he’s not going to get involved in it any longer and is going to let his chairman speak to Barry Kilby about out. Dave Edmundson has said he’s not for sale, so has Steve Cotterill who reiterated last Sunday, ironically at Wigan, that Robbie was staying at Burnley.

Now they are going to speak to Barry about it, maybe they think if they keep choosing someone different to speak to they might get a different response.

What Wigan do need to do is stop conducting their dubious business in the press and they need to stop unsettling players at other clubs.

So the man from the sports shop has a bit of money but that doesn’t give him or his club the right to ride rough shod over any other. Robbie is not for sale, Wigan have been told that and to stop trying to unsettle him. You really think they would finally get the message and show a little bit of common decency.