Whelan ? will you please clear off

Last updated : 03 December 2004 By Tony Scholes

He was given precisely that answer earlier in the week by Burnley boss Steve Cotterill when he tried to buy Robbie Blake on the cheap, offering a measly £500,000.

Whelan wasn’t told that the offer wasn’t big enough but that Blake is simply not for sale, so what does he do? He comes back with another offer.

And even if Burnley were being tempted to sell Robbie it would take substantially more than they are offering – the second offer has come in at nothing more than £600,000.

Burnley have made it absolutely clear, and it has been repeated in a statement today, we have no intention of selling Robbie Blake and quite rightly the club have complained that this is all unsettling the player.

Hopefully this will be the end of the matter but who knows, the stubborn Whelan isn’t used to not getting what he wants (football crowds excepted) and it would be no surprise if he tried to continue playing his unwanted game.