We've had our boat rocked

Last updated : 24 December 2004 By Tony Scholes

He’d just signed John McGreal when I first really spoke to him and despite only having nine players with no promise of many more to come he did sound incredibly positive as those of us who take our seats in the stands were somewhat sceptical.

Things have gone better than we dared imagine and we are higher in the table than many of us would have predicted. It was just over a week ago when the first worries appeared that everything wasn’t quite right when the manager spoke about needing to move on but not being able to.

It was first thought it was a cry for money to strengthen his squad but we now know it was because he knew he was set to lose his captain, star player and leading goalscorer.

That’s over a week ago now, Steve is looking forward again and looking at the holiday fixtures says we need to take them one at a time and use the time in between to recover and work on tactics.

He has admitted that things haven’t been brilliant over the last few weeks and said today, “Up until about three weeks ago we were going in quite a positive direction, but then things came along that you cannot control, which are terribly frustrating and rock the boat.

“We’ve had our boat rocked and there’s no hiding from that.”

Now Steve is looking for that safety point of fifty points that will see us safely in this division for next season and he added, “I don’t ever get carried away with things and if I keep a level head everyone else has to keep a level head.

“The quicker we get to fifty points the better. Then we can look where we are and see what we can do.”