West Brom attack again

Last updated : 05 February 2002 By Tony Scholes

If this wasn't so serious it would be funnier than Frank Skinner but it is serious and Megson has now followed his player Jason Roberts in choosing to slag off our club. If either of them had said this in a post-match TV interview then they would have been facing an FA rap, but they obviously think they can get away with it by this sort of claptrapping on their own web site.

I have been more than critical of our own official web site at times but never has it been guilty of using its position to attack another club, and hopefully never will. I again repeat my plea of yesterday that Burnley Football Club cannot allow this attack on us to go without response. I for one will be making sure the Football Association are fully aware of it.

Megson actually said in his post match interview that he was not accusing our club but his club's disgraceful web site has today said, "The Baggies boss blasted the men-in-black last season for failing to offer the 24-year-old enough protection after seeing him kicked from pillar to post by opposition defenders. And he has echoed those sentiments again after Jeff Winter failed to clamp down on the Clarets' rough stuff on Sunday – despite Roberts needing three stitches in a facial wound."

Megson then says, "All I want is for referees to treat Jason the same as everybody else. It's not Jason's fault he is exceptionally strong and quick and that we try to get him playing to those strengths."I think the worst incident was when Dean West jumped on Jason's back on the halfway line. It didn't look that bad because he wasn't strong enough to hang on to Jason. But he was the last man and would have dragged most other forwards to the ground."

Isn't it funny that from his vantage point Megson didn't see Roberts quite clearly catch Fred West with an elbow in retaliation? Not only that he has even considered trying to get the yellow card rescinded. The card was given for dissent and there was nobody inside Turf Moor didn't see that blatant dissent from Roberts.

I've always had great respect for West Bromwich Albion, always enjoyed games against them but it is somewhat difficult to have much respect for a club who allows this disgraceful nonsense from its manager and one of its players to be published on its official web site.