Video: Hilarious Moment Storm Dennis Denied Certain Goal as Weather Caused Weekend Chaos

​With the arrival of Storm Dennis on British shores over the weekend, there were multiple instances where players and fans were witness to strange and unnatural incidents as a result of the weather.

The most viral moment demonstrating the storm's power took place during a league game in Northern Ireland, where Portadown striker Adam Salley had to cut his celebrations short after thinking he had scored against Queen's University.

Salley Rolled the ball beyond the onrushing goalkeeper, and wheeled away in celebration without even watching the ball hit the back of the net. Unfortunately for him, though, the ball had literally become stuck in the mud of the six-yard box, and Salley's teammate George Tipton gleefully stuck it away instead. Hilarious.

​​The striker later told ​Belfast Live that he realised what had happened once noticing the bemused reaction of supporters in the stand. He explained: “I was through on goal and had two of our lads to my left, but I thought ‘no, I’m not passing, I’m a striker, I’m taking the shot'.

“It was perfectly on target, past the keeper and the ball was rolling in three yards out, so I wheeled away to celebrate and unfortunately didn’t see it stick in the mud.

“It was only when I saw George Tipton running towards me with his hands over his head and laughing that I thought something was up. You couldn’t write it.

"I think I saw something like it once before when a shot at an empty goal in a Bundesliga game in Germany didn't cross the line because of snow, but you don’t see it too often.”

Despite this, Salley went on to score a hat-trick in the game, but the miss would go on to gain more attention than his later goals.

"It's been really strange going viral for a goal I didn't score - although I suppose I can claim it as an assist," joked Salley. "The reaction has been crazy. I follow a popular football account 433 on Instagram and footage of the goal has almost four million views already. It's unbelievable."

His miss wasn't the only instance of Storm Dennis causing havoc this weekend in football. 

And of course, ​Burnley's first goal in their ​win against ​Southampton was undoubtedly assisted by the wind, with Ashley Westwood's corner ending up in the back of the net. Even Sean Dyche joked about the goal.

Even ​Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp mentioned the impact of the wind on his side's game against ​Norwich City.

It's fair to say this was a weekend where the wind racked up assists and baffled players and managers alike!.

Source : 90min