Turf Moor Memorial Garden.

Last updated : 11 February 2016 By The Editor's Chair

Turf Moor Garden Memorial.

We are really honoured to announce that Clarets Mad, working in conjunction with Peter Briggs, the Chairman of the Turf Moor Memorial Garden project and Veronica Simpson the vibrant organiser of the Burnley FC Former Players Association, will launch an appeal to assist with the funding of the project. 

Burnley Borough Council has given the lease of the land known as “Brunshaw Gardens” for the implementation of the Turf Moor Memorial Garden. Burnley Football Club have sanctioned what is hoped will become one of largest soccer related memorial gardens in the United Kingdom.

The location is almost directly opposite the reception area of the Jimmy McIlroy Stand. Peter Briggs a serving member of the Armed Forces has already been given the green light to proceed following consultations with local residents and supporters of Burnley Football Club.

Nothing is as yet is set in stone (no pun intended!) regarding the design of the Turf Moor Memorial Garden. One idea that is gaining almost universal acceptance, is to capture the moment when Brian Miller realised the Clarets were safe from relegation from the Football League on that most nerve racking of May afternoons following the 1987, 2-1 victory over Leyton Orient. The proposed plan is to recreate a statue of the, great late “Dusty” Miller resplendent with dug out. This is an idea that sounds pretty acceptable to me; different ideas are however still being considered, if you have a suggestion of your own, please put it forward?

Peter has already instigated a plan to include artefacts from Burnley’s cultural heritage. Old stone paving stones, cobbles and benches from Burnley are presently being collected and stored to incorporate into the building of the memorial. Recycling Burnley’s heritage is planned to be an integral part of the Turf Moor Memorial Garden. The exact cost of the project is still not known but an estimate of £45-50,000 is the suggested ball park figure. We plan to hold fund raisers under the auspices of Clarets Mad and it proposed that an “Easy to Donate” to scheme will be put in place. I suggest that we develop a “Hall of Fame” to include any individual or group of supporters who manage to donate the magnificent single contribution of £1,000.00! More details to follow.