Turf Moor boost - Reuben is gone

Last updated : 07 January 2002 By Tony Scholes

Reuben pictured with a puzzled looking Andy Payton
The club's Media & PR Manager Danny Reuben will no longer be around down Harry Potts Way talking down to or patronising Burnley supporters. The man who foolishly and wrongly thought he knew what Clarets fans wanted has left to take up a position with Bolton Wanderers after just a two year stay at Burnley.

Only recently he dared to have a go at a Burnley fan whose only crime was to criticise the latest club video. "Are you a Claret?" said Reuben. How dare he? I admit I didn't agree with the criticising fan's viewpoint but how dare that little short arsed rugby league fan from Yorkshire come over and have a go at our fans?

I did have an article ready to publish on his departure but unfortunately my thunder was stolen by excellent comments on him from the Bob Lord's Sausage and London Clarets web sites. I just wonder why he was so unpopular? Clearly he was a legend in his own mind only. So I will say that I am just so thankful that he has finally gone from Turf Moor.

So it is farewell to the man who even changed the club's web site address away from the best one it could have ever had.

Bolton Wanderers' loss is most definitely Burnley's gain.