Time to move on

Last updated : 24 November 2007 By Tony Scholes
Some of us were disappointed to see Steve Cotterill leave whilst others were delighted. Most fans were somewhere in between. Some supporters, for reasons known only to themselves, have for the last three and a half years always wanted to compare Cotterill with his predecessor Stan Ternent and that was always unfair as well as pointless.

We can't have that now. Stan Ternent went in 2004. Steve Cotterill went two weeks ago. Both of them, along with everyone else who has ever managed Burnley, are consigned to the history books.

Now it is Coyle time. He's said the right things so far and he's asked that we get behind the players because he knows just as we do that the players respond to positive support.

Today he said: "Chairmen, managers and players all come and go but the one constant in a football club are the fans who are always there supporting the team. I think we have an obligation to the supporters to show them we are giving it our all to try and get a result.

"The fans are the lifeblood of any club. We want to encourage more fans to come down because we realise they are an integral part of this club. But we can only do that if we are playing good football and winning games.

"We want to win every game, but I also think we have an obligation to entertain. I'm not going to sit here and make any claims about 'we'll do this and we'll do that'. But what I will assure everybody is we will leave no stone unturned to try and deliver success for Burnley Football Club."

He spoke about needing a good team spirit and added: "It is important the fans are a part of that too because the players are representing them, and the fans must see they are giving every ounce of effort they have to achieve results.

"We've all got the one aim - success for Burnley Football Club. The only way we will get that is with some unity and everybody being in it together."

Each and every one of us now needs to close all the doors behind us. Forget Ternent, forget Cotterill and everything else that is in the past. It is time to look forward with our new manager and our new team, and that starts right now.

I'm sure we'll hear it at some stage this afternoon - and it is right, we really are

Owen Coyle's Claret & Blue Army