They wouldn't do it to us – would they?

Last updated : 15 March 2002 By Tony Scholes

It was six in the end but at half time we were just 2-0 down. Now half time can be a terrible time if you are losing and more so if the away following is sizeable. With the players off the field it gives them the opportunity to have a go at you.

That's how it is and I know we would do the same at an away game given chance. The one thing you should not do is give the opposition any more ammunition to have a go. That was something we did without doubt that night. Could we have chosen anything worse than Oasis to play over the public address during that half time interval knowing full well which club the Gallagher brothers support?

That was one occasion when Stan didn't have a go at the fans for booing and the red faced man on the mike ‘HERE AT TURF MOOR' quickly changed the music.

No we don't help ourselves. That was the time we had the parading dogs, only recently surpassed by the less than impressive cheerleaders. We don't learn either and with us surprisingly losing to Luton the season after the half time was made even more embarrassing when someone decided to dress up Bertie Bee as Elvis Presley.

All these awful moments are in the past though now – or are they? Our visitors on Sunday are Preston and as we all know they love to call us the Dingles. That has been seen to rebound on them recently as we have got ourselves in front and gone on to beat them. "3-0 to the Dingles", we sang last season and then followed that up with, "Dingles, Dingles top of the league", as we picked up the points at Deepdale this season.

That is all well and good but if we were to fall behind then it would cease to be funny and would become an embarrassment. So when I heard a rumour today that our own club was preparing to set us up for further embarrassment I didn't believe it.

Should we go in at half time behind then the last thing we want to hear is the sound of the North End fans and the word DINGLE. So surely the rumour isn't true that the PR machine at Turf Moor are preparing to wheel out Emmerdale's Zak Dingle at half time. Please tell me it isn't true, please tell me that our club wouldn't even think of doing this to us again.

Hopefully it won't matter because we will be in front but hopefully Burnley Football Club will not have even considered inviting one of the Dingle family from Emmerdale. They wouldn't do it would they?