Tanner at Wolves

Last updated : 30 September 2005 By Tony Scholes

It always seemed to be the case that a referee in the headlines one week would get the Burnley game the week after and this is the case as he is the man in charge tonight at Wolves.

This will be just his second Burnley game and we can only hope it is nothing like his first one when he took charge of our 2-0 win at Coventry last season. Although it could be a lucky omen, it was after all our last away victory, he had a dreadful game at Highfield Road.

I said of him after the game, “I think this particular referee needs to understand that both sides should be treated in the same way. His record suggests he hasn’t grasped that and his performance today confirmed it. He was scandalously bad and thankfully his dreadful performance didn’t cost us. Where on earth do they find referees as bad as this?”

He turned in a performance that shouted homer at you but last season he was booking four away players to every one home player consistently and most of his red cards were seeing away teams reduced.

Things are not quite as one sided this season with twelve of his yellow cards going to home players and nineteen to away players. These cards have come in just eight games and to add to that he’s sent off three away players.

He’s quite keen on his red cards, since becoming a Football League referee just over two years ago he has sent off 22 players in just 69 games. There’s little likelihood of a card free game tonight, unless he is one of the referees that carries out his duties differently when on television.

The assistant referees are Bob Desmond (Wiltshire) and Tim Howes (Norfolk) whilst Football League referee Trevor Parkes is the fourth official.

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