Surcharge gone

Last updated : 17 January 2006 By Tony Scholes

The surcharge initially meant that supporters who paid on the day, either by purchasing tickets or paying on the turnstiles, would have to pay £3 more to see the game. Complaints were made, supporters organisations tried to get it dropped but the club were adamant this was the correct thing to do.

The first change came when they decided to change the cut off time and it was brought to 12:00 noon for afternoon home games, although not once has this ever been in place for a 3 o’clock kick off on a Saturday.

That didn’t go down well so they dropped it altogether game by game until finally today they have said, “Supporters are reminded that the pricing policy that has previously been in place this season is now to be discontinued following the last few games which has seen a trial run of matches with discount prices until kick-off.

“That means that the cost of a ticket will remain at the discounted price regardless of whether it is bought on the day of the game or even further in advance.”

It should be noted that their use of the word discount actually means the normal price, but finally the surcharge is gone.