Still Tuesday for Brighton

Last updated : 11 January 2006 By Tony Scholes

Requests went into Turf Moor even before last weekend’s cup ties pointing out the possibility of avoiding this dreadful midweek journey should both of us be knocked out. It seemed to be nothing other than common sense to do it once both Brighton and ourselves were beaten.

However, and disappointingly it is the Club for its People who have refused the switch and ensured those Burnley fans who wish to attend the game will have the nightmare of a midweek trip to the Withdean Stadium.

Brighton themselves appear surprised at the response from Burnley and their Chief Executive Martin Perry has said this afternoon, “We have been talking to Burnley about bringing the match forward, but unfortunately they have other arrangements and are unable to play the game on the earlier date. The match will therefore go ahead at Withdean on the Tuesday night."

I find this one difficult to believe from our so called customer focussed club. They had an opportunity here to help some of the loyal supporters by making it easier for them to get to a difficult away game, and to ensure that more could go. But apparently we have other arrangements. Would these arrangements have got in the way of a 4th round FA Cup fixture at Colchester? I think not.

Supporters Club officials are far from happy with the news that will guarantee less Burnley fans at the Withdean and a lot more inconvenience for those who are. And we have even had to learn this from Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club.