Stan to manage team

Last updated : 09 July 2005 By Tony Scholes
Six years as manager, a promotion and narrowly missing the First Division play offs twice, Stan was always going to be the winner and in the end he polled almost 64% of the vote.

That took him well beyond current boss Steve Cotterill who was in second place after collecting just over a quarter of the votes.

The last two years under Stan were forgotten, and why not as we looked back at what was a superb period of almost three years. It started with that unbeaten run at the end of the 1998/99 season and probably came to an end as we returned from Maine Road with our tails between our legs right at the end of 2001.

It’s the best three years many Burnley fans can remember and certainly the best period to be a Claret for well over twenty years.

Jimmy Mullen was third but the ten year period only encompassed his last few months as Burnley boss otherwise he would have scored more heavily. It was Jimmy who started our climb from the basement in the early 90s with those two promotions.

Interestingly Chris Waddle was not bottom and although he didn’t win himself very many votes he scored twice as many as Adrian Heath. I think people can look back now at the second half of the Waddle season, and more so at the inept Heath management without John Ward.

But it’s Stan who will lead a side out that includes six of his signings, three Jimmy Mullen signings and one each from Frank Casper, Adrian Heath, Chris Waddle and Steve Cotterill (both Beresford and Davis were signed twice).
He’ll have two of his signings plus to Cotterill signings and the home grown Richard Chaplow to select from on the bench.

We run the same team of the last ten years vote three years ago and on that occasion the winning team was: Marlon Beresford, Dean West, Steve Davis, Arthur Gnohere, Lee Briscoe, Glen Little, John Deary, Paul Cook, David Eyres, Gareth Taylor, Andy Payton. Subs: Nik Michopoulos, Kevin Ball, Adrian Randall, Mike Conroy, Ian Moore. Manager: Stan Ternent.

This year’s selected team is below:


Marlon Beresford
Gary Parkinson
Gary Cahill
Steve Davis
Mo Camara
Glen Little
Kevin Ball
Paul Cook
David Eyres
Robbie Blake
Andy Payton


Danny Coyne
John McGreal
Richard Chaplow
Ian Wright
Gareth Taylor


Stan Ternent