Sean Dyche Warns Dwight McNeil Suitors That Burnley Won't Be Bullied Into Selling Cheaply

Sean Dyche has conceded he may be pushed into selling star man Dwight McNeil - but only if a big offer comes in.

McNeil, who joined the Burnley academy in 2014, has emerged as an exciting talent in the Premier League over the last two seasons. With five goals and ten assists during that time, the young Englishman is attracting a lot of attention from the bigger clubs in the division. 

Sean Dyche

Dyche is under no illusions about the situation. The Clarets manager said, as quoted by the ​Daily Mirror: "There's a reality when players come in, particularly when we've developed them as lower-league players for less money, or the likes of Dwight McNeil. At some point those players, not all of them, but some of them get to a point where the club will sell them."

It would not be the first time Burnley have cashed in on one of their prize assets, having sold Michael Keane to Everton for £25m in the summer of 2017. However, Dyche insists Burnley are in a healthy financial position, and are not under any pressure to sell McNeil; leaving them able to demand more money than they did for the England centre-back.

Dyche said: "In the past, we always had to do certain things. Now we don't have to do them because we're in a very strong financial position. Keano went and it was a case of we can't refuse that money. Now we can. That's the difference, although the basic principle is still there.

"If a player does so, so well and enough big interest comes from the top of the market, the chances are at some point that situation breaks and that player goes."

Source : 90min