Robinson for Burnley, it seems unlikely

Last updated : 29 January 2002 By Tony Scholes

It won't be too long either before a manager changes club and with over a third of clubs already having changed this season that could even be today. It happens more and more in football now than it ever has.

There are though some who never change clubs, the supporters. Most of us support a club for one reason or other, I can thank my dad for me being a Claret, and that is it for life. Despite the fact that they are turned on when things go wrong the same can usually be said of directors, because they are fans. At the last two away matches I have seen former chairman John Jackson and it is now approaching 17 years since he was a director. He remains a Claret.

That's what makes the latest rumours sound not quite right. It is not unknown for directors to change clubs. In the latter days of Bob Lord we had a director called Jimmy Wilde who had previously been at Preston and then moved to Blackpool. Then there is Mr. Pompous Geoffrey Richmond who decided he would like a move up the ladder. He was chairman at Scarborough but sold them and bought Bradford City.

Could you really imagine many of our directors moving to another club? Barry Kilby, like the rest of us, is a Natural Born Claret and although Clive Holt's accent suggests that he might not be Natural Born I couldn't ever see him on another club's board somehow.

So to the rumour. Yesterday Bury's long standing chairman Terry Robinson resigned as the club is about to be sold. The major shareholder is Hugh Eaves but Robinson has decided to move aside as the new consortium comes in.

Robinson is a Bury man through and through. He's been at Gigg Lane for over 20 years so why are the rumours so strong that he is set to come in at Burnley Football Club? I'm sure he would be an asset to Burnley Football Club but I'm not convinced he would want to be involved at any other club. He is believed to be a friend of Stan, and certainly Stan has described him as an excellent chairman. But Terry Robinson at any club other than Bury doesn't quite sound just right.

He was linked with a move to the Turf back in late 1999 when it was believed he was going to come in as Chief Executive at a time when Andrew Watson was General Manager. That didn't happen and he remained in the chair at Bury.

I wouldn't be surprised to see him back in football very soon though and that would be a return to Bury. The reaction of management, players and fans to his departure should almost demand that the new owners bring him back in.