Robbie Blake - will he become a Claret?

Last updated : 21 January 2002 By Tony Scholes

This is in contrast the rumours coming out of West Yorkshire where it is now being suggested that the deal could well be off with Blake having turned us down although no reasons have been given. It is also interesting that Bradford City have now withdrawn offers for the Chesterfield players Ian Breckin and Jamie Burt. Could it be that they needed the money from Burnley to go ahead with these deals?

Burnley Football Club were clearly put in a difficult position last week with this deal when they were forced to come public because of the actions of the pompous Geoffrey Richmond in announcing it all to the world. It seems we choose the wrong people to deal with when we go for the big deals, last season it was Mr. Hell-Wood of the Unprofessionals.

With it now in the open though the Clarets supporters are demanding bulletins as often as those issued when the Queen Mother gets a fish bone stuck in her throat even though there may be nothing to say.

Given the feeling amongst supporters following our worst performance of the season on Saturday it would certainly be in the club's best interests right now to either get this deal completed as soon as possible or, if it has collapsed, to tell us that. It's just that, probably for the first time in the season, everybody needs a lift.

Stan has said he would like to bring in three or four new players over the coming months, that meaning by the beginning of next season. Hopefully the first of those will be with us very soon.