Only fools and ITV Digital

Last updated : 28 March 2002 By Tony Scholes

Kilby had some time ago stressed the importance of the TV money to Burnley Football Club and said at the time that contracts to such as Glen Little and Arthur Gnohere had taken into account the money coming in.

He now admits that whatever happens it is unlikely that the next instalment from ITV Digital will be received on the due date in September although he did add, "By the company going into administration, it gives us some time to resolve some issues and find out who is responsible for what. A contract is a contract and the TV companies can't fob us off. After all, isn't Granada alone worth something like £8billion?"

The big question on everyone's lips is where it will leave Burnley Football Club. The answer is a lot worse off than we thought we were but certainly better off than some clubs with predictions that up to thirty clubs could disappear with this.

There are already protests being set up by supporters groups up and down the country and this will certainly start with a plea for people to stop watching all ITV programmes. We will bring you more of this as and when it is available. The clubs have been greedy but who can blame them if some TV company get it so badly wrong that they offer way over the odds for a not very marketable product.

All might not be lost though and Barry Kilby ended by saying he is optimistic we will picking money up from Sky next season. "Let's just hope we can get into the Premier League," he said.

By the way, Only Fools and Horses repeats are OK. It is on the BBC.