Oh no - it is the Isle of Man again

Last updated : 08 February 2002 By Tony Scholes

The opinion amongst the fans seemed to range from, "Oh no, not again," to "Why not somewhere else." It seems that one trip to the Isle of Man is good, a second is too much and a third is not anything that would inspire anyone.

Many Burnley fans will once again ferry themselves across for the tournament which apart from ourselves will boast Darlington, Luton Town, Rochdale and Wrexham as well as the Isle of Man. Many will go because they want to watch the Clarets but with the opposition all of much lesser quality than the Clarets there really is nothing to recommend it.

In 1996 and 1997 we made two trips to Northern Ireland and many fans were bored with the second of them because it was just the same as the first.

As for the Isle of Man we know that Stan is keen on the tournament and the pre-season build up is all about getting everything right for the season. But it was less popular with the fans last year than the year before and another drop in enthusiasm is already apparent.

Even the players were keen to get away last year with many of them making their own arrangement to get back quickly after the final game. I, for one, certainly won't be making the trip again this year.

For those who really do want to go the tournament is played between 21st and 27th July.