Nationwide League facing crisis

Last updated : 22 March 2002 By Tony Scholes

It has been well documented that ITV Digital have told the Football League that they want to renegotiate the deal with them for the second and third years and it has been equally well documented that the Football League have told them where to shove their renegotiation.

We want the lot say the league and all credit to them. Surely having signed a three year deal the TV company should honour it and should surely be legally required to. What though if that TV company no longer exists and that now seems a more than likely scenario.

There has been speculation today that it will all be closed down at the end of the season with the play off finals in May being the last games but it could be even worse than that. Latest rumours suggest that they could pull the plug in ten days time after the Easter games.

If this happens it really is crisis point and it is thought that a third of the 72 Football League clubs could go under. We know it will require major changes at Turf Moor as chairman Barry Kilby has already said that contracts have been offered based on this money coming in. We will have to honour those but it will certainly have a major adverse effect on Stan's options in terms of new signings and worse still he could well be forced to sell players already on the staff.

That might not be so easy because the other clubs won't have any money to buy them with. The land of milk and honey from television was always going to come to and end one day and it looks as though that day is with us a lot sooner than anyone thought.