Laws doing all he can to keep Nugent

Last updated : 21 January 2010 By Tony Scholes
David Nugent
The problem is Portsmouth who have so many problems right now the Nugent situation is low on their list of priorities although in truth they are looking to sell him rather than loan him out again.

Explaining the situation, Laws said: "The one thing they are making very clear is that they are looking to sell. They obviously want players out so they can bring in money quickly and David Nugent is one of those players they want to sell.

"But what we feel is good for us is that we have got David Nugent, who is loving every minute of it. He's in control of the situation, nobody else is, and that gives me comfort. He can't be forced to do anything he doesn't want to do.

"If he wants to stay here he can stay with pleasure, that's what we want. If Portsmouth don't want that to happen they take him back but he can't go anywhere else and he doesn't want to go back."

Laws continued: "He wants to stay here and he's in control of his own destiny and where he wants to be, not matter who comes in for him. The club can't force him to go anywhere. All they can force him to do is go back to Portsmouth and sit on the bench or sit in the stand.

"The can do that if they wish but I don't think that's good business and I'm sure Portsmouth don't want that to happen either."