Japan, Zimbabwe and a boost for North Manchester

Last updated : 08 January 2002 By Tony Scholes

Our Worldwide Clarets has now reached a total of 209 with two more countries having been added since last Thursday, Japan and Zimbabwe. It's welcome to Jeff Birtwistle who is in Osaka in Japan and also to Brian Murphy in Harare, Zimbabwe who have put these two countries on the Worldwide Clarets map this week.

Not only Japan and Zimbabwe though. There has also been a boost for Manchester, in fact from Andrew Taylor in Bury. Andrew is looking to get the Clarets fans in that area together by forming the North Manchester Clarets. If you are interested in joining them or want to know more then just visit the Manchester section and click on Andrew's name.

I'm not sure what we expected when we launched Worldwide Clarets at the end of October but certainly didn't expect such a response to take it past the 200 by the end of 2001. It doesn't stop there though and we look forward to adding more and more Clarets fans during 2002.