Is Gazza on his way to Turf Moor?

Last updated : 16 March 2002 By Tony Scholes

Everton boss Walter Smith immediately dismissed it and said Gazza was going nowhere and to be honest not many people took Barry too seriously. At Walsall most Burnley fans were laughing at the prospect of Gazza in a Burnley shirt and thought it was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Many Burnley fans must have very short memories. I recall listening to Radio Lancashire on 14th February two years ago when a stunned Howard Booth suddenly broke off and said, "Radio Lancashire can announce that Burnley Football Club have signed Ian Wright". From that day on nothing should ever surprise us.

Stan had hinted a few weeks earlier that he would like to sign Gazza and with all the turmoil at Goodison Park this week Barry Kilby has confirmed that he would be speaking to them again but has the situation changed at Everton?

We can tell you now that the situation has changed and can confirm that Paul Gascoigne has already told the Haunted One David Moyes that he wants to leave Everton. Gascoigne spoke with Moyes on his first day in charge and said he was too upset over Walter Smith's sacking to continue.

Moyes has made sure that he won't be playing against Preston and has asked Gazza to think about it for a few days but the talented Geordie is certain to leave Everton next week. I think Burnley have more than a good chance of getting him and something just makes me think that we will see him in a Claret and Blue shirt by the time we get to Bramall Lane next week.

Just a thought, David Johnson having signed on loan will presumably be given the next available squad number 32. That being the case should Gascoigne sign he could well be allocated number 33. Now who was it that last wore the number 33 shirt?

If you still think this is a most unlikely possibility then just recall those words of Howard Booth a couple of years ago, "Radio Lancashire can announce that Burnley Football Club have signed Ian Wright".