I support Burnley ? end of first season

Last updated : 08 May 2003 By Tony Scholes

This is more than we could ever have imagined as the numbers continue to grow. But this is not an achievement for this web site and was never intended to be. It is an achievement for Burnley fans who are prepared to stand for what is right and are ready to give the team their full and fair support.

It would be remiss of us, in fact wrong of us, not to thank those who have given us so much help over the year in promoting the campaign and in supporting the campaign.

The club themselves have officially backed it and our thanks go to them and to the Marketing and Retail Departments in particular who have both promoted it and organised the ‘I Support Burnley’ badges. Their support has been very much appreciated.

The Burnley Express newspaper have also become supporters and have run features on the campaign on a number of occasions, also providing those supporters without internet access with the first opportunity to sign up.

Again we thank our local newspaper and in particular the sports department.

Two supporters groups, the London Clarets and CISA, have fully endorsed the campaign and in fact the London Clarets carry a link to the campaign from their web site. To these two groups we say thanks.

But above all our thanks go to the Burnley supporters who have signed up in their numbers and offered their support to the campaign. They, each and every one of them, have told us that this campaign is the right thing to do.

I Support Burnley won’t be going away – we are already looking at ideas for extending it and making it easier for people to sign up. It shouldn’t go away, we think it is the way forward as do the club.

Click HERE to visit our I Support Burnley section or to sign up.