Fundraising ends for Rocky

Last updated : 21 January 2006 By Tony Scholes

There’s been a reason though, and a good reason, with Rocky raising money for the children’s ward at the hospital towards and incubator – with rumour going round that it might now be called a Rockybator.

He’s cajoled, badgered and downright bullied us into parting with our money but we’ve all been pleased to do it to help raise funds for this good cause and the news is that he has raised approximately £1,200.

Both Rocky and Rockette have asked if I would, via Clarets Mad, allow them to thank everyone for their support and their contributions, and I’m only too pleased to do so.

He’s had his shave today, as the picture shows, but rumour has it that it has done nothing to make him any quieter and those sat near him this afternoon certainly didn’t hear anything different even if he didn’t look quite the same.