Fixture changes

Last updated : 22 February 2002 By Tony Scholes

Can we expect some extremely bad weather in Burnley in four weeks time as we prepare to play Bradford City for a third time? The game has been rearranged for Wednesday 20th March with a 7:45 p.m. kick off. The reason for a Wednesday rather than a Tuesday is because we play Preston at the Turf on the Sunday, 17th, with a 6:15 p.m. kick off for coverage on ITV Sport.

Our last match of the season, at home to Coventry, has also been moved but not by much. Some years ago the Football League changed the rules regarding the last games of the season. No longer can outstanding matches be played after the last day and all those last day matches must kick off at the same time.

The Coventry game is schedules for Sunday 21st April and kick off time was 2:15 p.m. along with all the other First Division fixtures. This has now been brought forward, along with the other eleven games, to 2:00 p.m. presumably again for television coverage.

Maybe, just maybe, the fixture changes are now coming to an end although with 13 games still to go I wouldn't be sure about that.