Eagles takes the Wolves points

Chris Eagles
Eagles was the major threat for Burnley in the second half as we tried to claw our way back into the game and he was the clear man of the match winner with 56.9% of the vote. Kevin McDonald came second with 10.8% whilst Brian Jensen, badly at fault with the first goal, surprisingly took third place with 10.5% of the vote.

The player ratings on the message board was also won by Eagles. He had a rating of 7.35 out of 10 and that saw him beat Stephen Jordan whose rating of 6.74 was enough to see him come second. McDonald was third with a rating of 6.42 out of 10.

There are six points for Eagles towards the Clarets Mad Player of the Year. McDonald gets three points, Jordan two points and Jensen one point.

Chris Eagles came into the team after the defeat at Blackburn. He's started all nine games since during which the Clarets have won only one game. However, he's climbed all the way to the top and goes into Christmas at the top of the Clarets Mad Player of the Year Table, having gone two points clear of Steven Fletcher who has been top for some time.

The other three point scorers from this game also move up one place each in the table which is shown below.

43: Chris Eagles
41: Steven Fletcher
26: Tyrone Mears
19: Andre Bikey
17: Clarke Carlisle & Brian Jensen
15: Stephen Jordan
14: Wade Elliott
12: Kevin McDonald
10: Graham Alexander
7: David Nugent
6: Fernando Guerrero
5: Chris McCann
4: Joey Gudjonsson
2: Robbie Blake & Diego Penny
1: Steven Caldwell