Dowie goes at Palace

Last updated : 22 May 2006 By Tony Scholes

There's been speculation ever since Palace's play off defeat last week that all was not well down at Selhurst Park with suggestions of a fall out between chairman Simon Jordan and Dowie, a rumour fuelled over the weekend by striker Clinton Morrison.

A late afternoon press conference was called and it soon became evident that it was to announce Dowie's departure, and that's exactly what did happen with Jordan revealing that the manager would leave immediately.

All straight forward then you might think, but all is not what it seems. Jordan explained the decision saying: “The predominant reason for Iain's departure is that he has spent two and a half years here with a geographical distance from his family and that has become an ever increasing strain on his personal and professional life.

“We have different agendas now. I have a manager that would like to go back to the north west and work there because of his family, and I on the contrary, have a football club that I have to plan for in the long term.

“On that basis a decision has been made where the club has waived a considerable compensation sum and Iain has waived a considerable contract obligation that the club has for him.”

So Iain Dowie is on his way back to north west of the country, where currently only Tranmere Rovers are looking for a new boss. So it has come as a surprise, and I'm sure a shock to Jordan, that he will be interviewed for the manager's job at Charlton Athletic tomorrow.

Now my geography is not too good but I don't think Charlton was in the north west, or anywhere near it, when I last looked. Has he got one over on the Palace chairman here and got out to take a job in the Premiership?