Danny is a Load O'Balls

Last updated : 27 January 2006 By Tony Scholes

It looked very much as if he had been stitched up by the rest of the squad who were all there to give him some support, and a little grief.

The idea of the competition is to hit seven balls into an empty net from different positions across the pitch, from right wing to left wing. Should you miss, as Danny did a couple of times, then you have to take it again. There’s also a five second penalty if the ball bounces on the way in.

He struggled with the first three, with his favoured left foot, which left him with no chance of beating the current leader, Graham Alexander, but recovered superbly with his right foot shots to come in with a time of 1 minute and 13 seconds.

He was sort of congratulated by Gifton Noel-Williams at the end. The striker had some less than kind words for his left foot efforts but praised him for this recovery with the right foot shots.