Club do a u-turn over Leicester

Last updated : 05 January 2005 By Tony Scholes

That meant supporters who bought tickets in two of the stands would still have to pay £10 for the farce that clearly should never have started, and they have been letting the club know in no uncertain terms.

This has forced something of a u-turn from the club and although the refund is still only half the cost of the tickets the admission charge for the game when it is replayed will be just £10 for adults and £5 concessions.

Chief Executive Dave Edmundson said, “We are very concerned that 11,000 people turned up on New Year’s Day and, through no fault of our own, were denied a full game of football because of the weather.

“We were under no obligation to make this concession, but we feel it is part of our policy of being ‘The Club for its People’ and in this regard we are trying to do our best for them.”

It is good thought that the Chief Executive has come out and told us that the club are not responsible for the state of the pitch, somehow I would have thought that was a contributing factor based on the fact that it couldn’t cope, yet again, with the weather.

Interestingly his concern for the 11,000 people who turned up is not reflected by the offer. This is set to benefit those who didn’t turn up and who will now attend the game. They will get in for half price whilst those who braved that awful weather and cannot make the new date will still end up out of pocket by up to £10 for that farce.

The truth is the Club for its People felt the full blast from its people today who were far from happy with what they had done. What a pity they couldn’t sorted it properly by giving full refunds on the original tickets and charging full for the replay.