Clarets Mad programme feature back and set to grow

Last updated : 28 May 2012 By Tony Scholes
Burnley v Manchester City - April 1921

That feature has been re-launched today with seasons 1946/47 to 1963/64 inclusive with one or two additions along the way and one extra pre-war programme from the 1920/21 Championship winning season.

It's a season we are hardly ever likely to complete, if indeed any more should appear, and it isn't expected that we'll be able to get too many from the pre-war period. Apart from that game, which was against Manchester City in April 1921, all the programmes are from post-war.

Many of the additional programmes shown have come from post-season friendlies against such as FC Nürnberg, ROCC Charleroi and for completeness the last game from the 1960 International Soccer Tournament of America against Nice, a game played in the Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City. All seven of our games from that tournament are now featured in the 1959/60 season.

Those season which have had additions are currently showing on the front page of the site, but all the seasons can be seen by going to the Programmes/Season feature within Clarets Extra2.

I'm indebted to Martin Pickering for providing the 1959/60 programmes in particularly and very much indebted to Lester and Mark Davidson who must have put some hours in to provide most of the other programmes currently shown.

Over the close season and beyond this feature will expand to included the rest of the 1960s and then some of the more recent seasons and eventually it is planned to have the post war years completed.