Clarets "LEGENDS X1" selected

Last updated : 03 April 2016 By The Editor's Chair



Angus, Miller, Adamson, Newton,

O'Neil, McIlroy,

Britton, Irvine, Pointer, Coates.

Following our exclusive invitation to provide a "CLARETS LEGENDS X1" to be incorporated into a newly designed LIMITED EDITION official Burnley Football Club Tee Shirt.

We have managed to select an awesome Legends X1.

A BIG thank you to everyone who participated.

Photo: A true Clarets Legend. R.I.P. Ian.

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Previously: "Clarets Mad have been exclusively invited by Burnley Football Club's Head of Retail, James Forsyth to come up with their best ever Clarets' starting eleven.

A brand new branded and totally unique "State of the Art" Burnley Football Club "LEGENDS" Tee shirt is going to be produced and will only be available from the Clarets Store.

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Rick1882 our young and totally bonkers moderator will soon be organising a poll to discover our members opinion of the best ever Clarets' starting eleven.

This poll is only available to Clarets Madders.

"The Editor's Chair" best ever eleven:


Angus, Adamson, Miller, Newton.

Connelly, O'Neil, McIlroy. Coates.

Pointer & Irvine.

Try beating that lot!" (TEC)