CISA backs club on life bans

Last updated : 17 May 2002 By Tony Scholes

They have paid particular attention to those banned for racist chanting and to the statement made by the Burnley co-ordinator for the BNP, Steven Smith.

The supporters' organisation have made it clear that they are fully behind the club in taking action.

Below is reproduced in full below is the press release from CISA.

CISA wholeheartedly supports the action Burnley Football Club has taken in banning, for life, the 19 fans, including two for racist chanting.

It beggars belief that anyone could suggest that Burnley FC would not ban such fans, once convicted of football related incidents. Everyone who supports football in general and Burnley in particular, know the rules, so to break them could only mean one thing.

All genuine Burnley fans attending matches at Turf Moor or elsewhere in the country, want to support their team in the knowledge that all efforts are made to make the experience safe, welcoming, enjoyable, peaceful and free from any direct racist abuse to players and fellow fans. There is no place in the game for people who try to spoil the enjoyment of the vast majority because of their views and action based on race, creed, colour, religion or politics.

Football is a sport, yes, an often emotive one, but the recent comments, particularly those concerning racist chanting, of the BNP's Burnley co-ordinator, have absolutely no place at Turf Moor and other grounds.

CISA will continue to fully support Burnley Football Club in any action it takes to promote harmony for all at Turf Moor and in the community.